“The Big Bang Theory” seem to be having a difficult time these days. With rumors of the Season 11 being cancelled and the cast being changed, there is a lot of ambiguity connected to this one CBS show for the very first time. The Season 10 Episode 12 is being pushed to 2017 by laying it off by two weeks. Instead of the new episode, CBS will be airing old episodes from “The Big Bang Theory” Season 9 i.e Episode 21 and Episode 22 will be airing this week and the next week time slot. The current season is loved as much as the earlier seasons, in fact more because Amy and Sheldon’s relationship has finally taken off and both are living together as well inflating the excitement levels.

Sheldon and Amy share their Texas experience in the upcoming episode of 'The Big Bang Theory'

The new episode for the current season will be aired only on 5th January 2017. According to online reports the Executive Producer of the show Steve Molaro has revealed that the upcoming episode will see Stuart recalling memories of awful holiday experiences of each one of the group. Also rumors suggesting that Sheldon Cooper and Amy will share their hilarious experience which ruined their Texas trip are buzzing currently. All in all the upcoming episode looks like it is going to be worth the wait after all, we just hope it keeps up the expectations.

Sheldon's mother Mary to appear in the upcoming episodes

Also reports have been claiming that Sheldon’s mother Mary will be seen in the upcoming episodes and will also discover that Sheldon and Amy are living together. As expected the next episode i.e. episode 12 will have the Christmas theme integrated too whereas per online reports Leonard and Penny will be seen cutting their own Christmas tree.

Season 11 of the show still remains unconfirmed from the makers though rumors suggest that the cast has already renewed their contracts. Guess we will have to wait for the next episode of “The Big Bang Theory” and also a confirmed news on Season 11 and the fans reaction on the same.