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Blue Monday: What is it and how does it compare to Depression?

Does Blue Monday have anything to do with depression? Or is it little more than another PR stunt designed to promote post-Christmas sales?
Like 'Black Friday', Blue Monday seems like another one of those days where brands are waiting around corners ready to surprise you with ways to part from your cash. Pizza Hut has grabbed a slice of the action by announcing its happiest pizza, which will supposedly help customers combat the effects of the day where we all experience the ultimate post-festive dip in mood. How did Blue Monday come about? A few years ago, life coach and psychologist Cliff Arnall coined the phrase to refer to the third Monday in January. Arnall claims that social depression reaches its peak in society, owing to a combination of debt, weather, and low motivational levels. It wasn't long before companies began seizing on the term for promotional reasons. Sky Holidays used it to push travel deals, using a PR firm that handed money over to psychologists willing to back their claims that Blue Monday absolutely needs addressing. While Arnall did develop a mathematical formula that supposedly demonstrates Blue...
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