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13 Reasons Why: Does the Netflix new TV show treat mental heath as a joke?

The real effect on teenagers' minds of the TV show '13 Reasons Why'. An astonishing way to look at suicide.
The new Netflix TV show, 13 Reasons Why, released in March of this year, has created many expectations and many reactions. Suicide even today is a taboo subject and a very real problem among teenagers, and despite having many ways of presenting it to the public and talking about it, 13 Reasons Why it is not one of them. Some mental Health organisations have already expressed their doubts about this dangerous way of showing suicide as an easy way out. The series is based on Hanna Baker, a 17-year-old student who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 cassettes, one for each person she considers guilty of leading her to commit suicide. Her character is selfish, entitled and demanding, and after committing suicide she becomes almost sanctified, so leaving the tapes as a legacy is a really horrible thing to do. This provokes the terrible chain reactions of more suicides between her classmates. The way these suicides are portrayed leads us to a dangerous slippery slide for impressionable...