The Immunity Games continued as campmates were given one final chance to win immunity, not only for themselves but also for their teammates. The campmates were sent off to the Bush Clearing where for the first time this series every campmate would have to take part in the trial.

There were five rounds in the "Rancid Race," and each campmate had to drink at least one of the concoctions, "The Roos," "The Galahs" and the "The Koalas" had three team members while "The Underdogs," only had two.

'Rancid Race'

Much like the "Deadly Dash," the "Rancid Race," was not the typical kind of race, but it did require an element of speed as campmates went head-to-head to down various Jungle based concoctions in order to win immunity for their team.

It wasn't long before Harry revealed Nick's advantage telling Dec and Holly "He's down the Rugby Club every weekend winning drinking competitions," although some fans made the point that Nick is used to drinking beers and not eyeballs, his ability to down a pint of any liquid help him pull his team through the "Rancid Race."

"The Underdogs," decided to take a different approach to the game, at least when it came to the way Noel decided to play. While his fellow campmates tried their best to finish their drinks first, Noel was trying to avoid drinking any of his drink, pouring a majority of his drink down his top on purpose.

Back at camp, Harry brought up Nick's skills once again after Nick went up to drink three times, while Sair and Malique only went the minimum time they had to.

Harry felt that Nick's tactics were unfair and told his campmates that "People will show their true colours now" and that the competition would soon become "Dog eat Dog."

Campmates peddle for immunity

After the race "The Roos" and "The Koala's" were given one final chance to win immunity, but this time they would be playing as individuals and not as teams.

After reading the trial instructions to her fellow campmates, Anne decided to remove herself from head to head competition, feeling that she would not succeed against the stronger people she was up against.

The remaining campmates made up of "The Roos" and the two remaining members of "The Koala's," John and Emily, then peddled on stationary bikes for one last chance at immunity and a meal.

Throughout the ride, a variety of critters were dropped onto the campmates who had to try to catch a series of gold coins that were also being dropped on them.

Once again Harry seemed to be in the lead after a strong start, but by the end of the ride, it was John and Fleur that saved themselves from the first public vote.

Farewell Noel

After losing in the "Rancid Race," Noel and his teammate Rita failed to claim immunity for "The Underdogs" and along with James, Anne, Emily and Harry would face the public vote. But it was Noel who became the first campmate to leave Croc Creek this series after he failed to gain enough votes to keep him in the Jungle.

Before he entered the Jungle, Noel had stated that if he won I'm a Celeb he would "retire from television," a claim that he no longer has to live up to having only spent a week in the Jungle after arriving on day five.