It did not take long for some of the Campmates to get over Noel's departure, as they rifled through his kit bag to find any items he'd left behind that might be useful for them. While some of the Campmates believed that they should have waited, all the Campmates were happy to accept his leftover shampoos and other hygiene products.

As is the tradition for "I'm a Celeb," once the public start to vote Campmates off the show, the Campmate are left to choose between themselves who will take on the days trial. Malique, Sair, Fleur and James all raised their hands to take part in the "Sickening Sewer," Fleur pushed to take on the Bushtucker Trial, having never been voted for one by public vote.

But in the end, Sair was chosen after she is picking the short straw.

Sickening Sewer

Sair showed no fear as the trial began. The trial required Sair to enter a large sewer tunnel with a series of smaller ones on either side of it, that contained not only stars but all so; Toads, Critters, Water Dragons, Spiders, Crabs, Rats, and a Crocodile. Throughout Sair completed each tunnel with ease as she collected the stars for her fellow Campmates.

But close to the end of her Bushtucker Trial is looked as though the "Sickening Sewer," might win when Sair had to enter a small water tank, that quickly filled up as she untied the knots to get the last star. Sair admitted that she had a fear of water and of drowning as she nervously entered the tank.

But with just a few seconds to go, she grabbed the star and left the tank.

Sair had one more watery surprise as she reached the end of the trial, where she would collect her final two stars. As she reached up to collect the star, the last tunnel turned into a slide of sorts, as it tipped her into a liquid pool of fish guts.

While Dec and Holly were grossed out by the trial's finale, Sair was quick to get back on her feet, excited that she had received all ten stars.

Back in camp, Sair tried to fool her Campmates into thinking she had not done very well telling them "I only got one star," before a few seconds later announcing "For each of you," as her Campmates cheered along with her.

Spot Popping Club

While the boys were disgusted, the girls squealed with excitement as Rita popped one of her spots in the mirror and asked: "Does anyone wanna come and see this?" Fleur and Emily rushed over to watch Rita, quickly joined by Sair. The gathering quickly eliminate a "Spot Club," as they each helped to pop each other's spots and gave each other advice.

However the boys were less than impressed, especially James and Harry who looked on with faces of disgust, Harry later told the Bush Telegraph: "I did find the spot popping a bit gross."

Camp Leader

A new Camp Leader was also selected, this time it was done by Camp Vote rather than by a Public Vote, a box was left in the luxury quarters which allowed Campmates to vote in secret behind a curtain.

It was left to John to count the votes as he read them allowed to the Camp.

The votes came down to a three-way tie between Harry, Rita, and James. Harry hoped it would not be him "Oh no! I do not want it," he told his fellow Campmates shortly before John read out the final vote to reveal that James would be the next Camp Leader. The Vamp Guitarist then chose Rita to be his deputy.