Day five in Croc Creek brought about big changes for the Campmates after they were informed that all of them would be participating in the Bushtucker Trial. The Campmates were surprised as they entered the Jungle Colosseum where they were introduced to their newest Campmate and Emperor Noel Edmonds.

His first act as Emperor was to select an advisor and he quickly selected former Football Manager Harry Redknapp to join him. The pair then had to select two more to join them, but there was a catch, the next final two Campmates selected for the Emperor's inner circle had to fight for their place and for their meals.

Sair and Fleur were the first "Gladiators" to amuse the Emperor in "Biteus Intensius" as they used only their tongues to get their stars from the top of a pole to the bottom, while surrounded by Green-Ants in order to win two meals for the Emperor's inner circle.

Holly made sure to remind the girls "Lefty loosey, righty tighty," as Emperor Noel watched on in laughter.

The girls were successful, and the next two "Gladiators" to step up were James and Nick, who had to lie down in a take as Mealworms, Spiders and other critters were poured directly onto their faces in "Crittercus Maximus." As critters crawled over them, they then had to until the knots in a rope in order to retrieve their stars. The boys were also success full in their mini-trial, which meant that every member of the Emperor's inner circle would have a meal.

But it wasn't all fun and games for Harry last night, who later opened up to Sair and Fleur about missing his wife Sandra, and pulled at the viewer's heartstrings.

Harry opened up to the girls about his love for Sandra telling them "She's my world," and also letting them know "If anything happened, it would just kill me," as he spoke about how getting older had made him scared of losing his wife.

Harry's new power

Harry was hilarious as usual but soon let his new power as the Emperor's Advisor go to his head almost immediately referring to his fellow Campmates as "Peasants," as he and Emperor Noel had a private chat in their luxury accommodations that included a bed each.

The duo got to know each other quick well on the first night, revealing that Noel had rubbed Harry's leg in the night after Harry woke him up with cramp.

The pair's antics did not end there after the camp answered the Dingo Dollar question correctly for the first time this series, the camp rulers decided to play a practical joke and let the Campmates think they had lost once more.

Hiding their prize of cheese and grapes by the dunny, the duo returned to camp sad-faced. Harry showed off his acting skills giving the Campmates a telling off like they'd disappointed him by loosing.

The apparent loss got to Rita and Emily who laughed and cried at the same time, just moments before Harry returned with their prize, mocking them all for believing him. The Campmates were even more thankful with their first Dingo Dollar win, and Harry told the Bush Telegraph how he'd like to play a "Robert De Nero part."

Drown and Out

It was Rita and Malique who were nominated by viewers to take part in tonight's Bushtucker trail "Drown and Out," and if you hadn't guessed it from the name this one is water based. It is also the first head to head trial of this year's I'm a Celeb, but instead of facing each other, Rita and Malique will team up and face two Campmates selected by their Emperor.

In an exclusive released by "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here," it has been revealed that John and Emily will face Rita and Malique in "Down and Out." The pair that wins will also become member's of the Emperor's inner circle, meaning they will be allowed to eat the meals from whatever stars are won, and exempt from all camp chores.