Viewers of the show were treated last night, with two Bushtucker Trials and the tense of a third as Rita, James and John were selected to leave the camp for a "The Quest." The rest of the Campmates would be the ones to take part in Live Trial, and so they were stratigic in who they picked attemping to balance out their strongest Campmates on both sides.

A new Camp Leader was also chosen, voted in by the fans of the show. Nick Knowles became the first elected Camp Leader of this series of I'm a Celeb, succeeding Emperor Noel who entered the as a leader before being dethroned.

Much like Noel, Nick was also able to choose a deputy and chose to select Anne Hegerty to join him in the luxury quarters.

However, Nick was not overjoyed at the prospect of being Camp Leader, having kept himself busy during his time in Croc Creek by taking on Camp Chores such as; Cooking and Fire Matinence. His fellow Campmates were also put out of joint by the news with James stating "The public have done it not to be nice, to be absolute d***s because they know that Nick cook everything, Nick does everything."

Emily's moves

A hilarious moment on I'm a Celeb last night was Fleur East teaching Rita and Emily to dance. While Rita picked up the moves quickly and showed good rhythm, the same could not be said for Emily who struggled to keep up.

Eventually, John Barrowman pulled her from the trio like an angry Dance Teacher telling the Bush Telegraph "Emily just needed to come with me."

Emily Atack came into her own last night as she had a revelation about her life on the outside compared to her life in Croc Creek, opening up to her fellow Campmates about changes she wishes to make.

Telling them "I've learnt so much about myself in just one week," she also revealed that on the outside she had relied on alcohol to help her socialise, but in camp had found it easy to bond with every and be sober.

Noel Edmonds gave Emily some sound and sincere advice, telling the Actress "You'll never ever had a meaningful relationship with anybody else whilst you don't have a meaningful relationship with yourself."

Falling stars

Nick and Noel were voted to take part in last night's first Trial "Catch A Falling Star," one of the most difficult trials that has been on this series of I'm a Celeb.

Noel chose to take the top box, which left him in charge of retrieving the stars from the critter-filled boxes that were also secured to the zip line parallel to theirs.

Nick lay in the bottom box and was tasked with catching the stars as Noel dropped them. However, there was an added twist to this Trial, as neither Campmate was able to see the other. In order to catch the stars, the duo had to attempt to line themselves up with each other, so that the dropped star would fall into Nick's hands.

At first, it seemed as if they would find the Trial easy after they succeed in gaining the first star, but they soon learnt it wasn't so easy as star began to drop into the water below. In the end, they earnt just five stars and although they were not proud of themselves John soon put a positive spin on things telling the Bush Telegraph "What do they call hotels?

What do they call a restaurant? It's five stars look at it a little differently."

Live Trial

The Campmates were happy that they had chosen to keep Fleur, who was nominated by her Campmates to go on "The Quest," when it was revealed that the Live Trial was an "X Factor" themed one. The first mini-trial saw Emily and Malique in 'X' shaped boxes filled with critters, while wearing mouth spreaders and singing songs that were played to them through headphones. Fleur was nominated as spokesperson for the group, and also the only one who knew what the songs were.

More of the mini-trials included; Fleur and Nick laying with snakes, eating Wichttey Grubs and in the finale downing an assortment of "X Factor" themed drinks with a Bushtucker twist, that were presented to them by Robbie and Ayda Williams via video link. While Anne broke a record by downing her drink in "12 seconds," Harry had everyone laughing as more of his concoction end up on his top than in his mouth.