The upcoming first eviction of this series of I'm a Celeb meant the beginning of "The Immunity Games," and the chance for Campmates to save themselves from the first public vote off. Before the games began, the public vote for three Campmates to become Team Captains.

Nick, Harry, and John were voted to become captain's which meant that they would be the first to compete in the "Deadly Dash," a short race with a series of five hurdles that would win them a puzzle piece when complete. The hurdles include; crabs and fish guts before they came to the finish line where they had to put the pieces together.

Campmates split

After their "Deadly Dash," Harry, John and Nick were given a chance to pick two more teams members that would help them compete in "The Immunity Games."

Nick won the Dash despite his slow start, managed to win the race in the final puzzle round of the "Deadly Dash." The DIY SOS host chose to have Malique and Sair on The Galahs, many viewers were shocked by his choices, but since his time in the Jungle, Nick has always worked to help out the weakest Campmates.

Next to chose was John who picked Emily and Anne to be on Team Koalas. Since being in the Jungle, John has grown close to both women especially Emily who he has taken under his wing as she discovers new things about herself being away from her life on the outside world.

Meant that Harry who openly admitted "I can't do puzzles," came last and picked "Flair" and James to be on his team, The Roos. Harry had been close to Noel since Noel's arrival, and viewers of the show expected him to be picked for Harry's team.

As they were only allowed to pick two Campmates each, Noel and Rita were left to form their own team called "The Underdogs," and would compete as a duo in all of "The Immunity Games," for their chance to be safe from the public vote.

Teams Compete

Once the teams had been chosen, they then had to pick which Campmates would compete in the next round of "The Immunity Games," in their new team outfits Rita, James, Emily, and Malique competed in a water-based task.

The Campmates had to sit in a boat on a lake, while at the same time keep a tube filled with water using the containers attached to their paddles.

Failure to keep the tube filled up would mean that the flag that responded to their team colours would fall and mean that they would be out.

Rita who tried to distract her competitors was the first to fail, quickly followed by Malique who gave up with very little convincing. The boats Emily and James sat in then began to sink, making the game a lot harder. In the end, an ecstatic Emily won the game as James' boat sank.

The next game was faced by Noel, Anne, Sair and Fleur who were tasked with holding onto rings above their heads that were attached to boxes filled with water. While they stood, water was sprayed on them at random intervals. Anne tried hard by realizing her competitors were stronger than her and pulled herself from the competition.

Sair ended up letting go of one of her boxes and drenched in water but kept going until the final claxon and the game went to a triple tie-breaker question. Noel won after coming closest to guessing how long they had held on for, next was Fleur and then Sair, but there was still one more chance to change the game and win immunity for their teams.

Rancid Race

The final of "The Immunity Games," will see all the Campmates compete in a drinking game. However, it will be an I'm a Celeb drinking game which means that the drink will be a cocktail of critters, eyeballs and animal parts. The winning team will receive immunity from the first public vote off.