After a slip during a walk with Harry on Sunday night's episode, John was taken to the hospital to assess the extent of his injury. Luckily it was nothing more serious than a sprained ankle and last night John was allowed to return to Croc Creek. Although Emily was the saddest to see him go, it was Anne who jumped up from her bed in excitement as she spotted him returning.

John returned to camp with a walking stick and a big boot on his injured foot but was in good spirits as his campmates welcomed him back to Croc Creek. The camp was soon brought back to life as John gave his own rendition of "Razzle Dazzle" from the Musical "Chicago," whilst waving his cane around.

Once John had been welcomed back into camp and settled down, he quickly noticed that one campmate was missing as he asked his fellow campmates; "Where's Malique?" John was shocked to learn that Malique had been voted out of the Jungle, but assured by his other campmates that Malique was fine and "He was ready to go."

Stars of The Silver Scream

Camp Leader James and his chosen Deputy Rita, headed to the Jungle Clearing for last night's movie-themed Bushtucker Trial "Stars of The Silver Scream."

Rita took on the role of spokesperson for the duo, as she stood in a giant-sized popcorn machine to five rounds of film based questions. Though she did not enjoy the critters that were dropped on her in each round, she did enjoy the popcorn despite being told by Holly "Don't eat the popcorn."

Each correct question earned James time to retrieve the stars.

To get each star James had to force his head into movie-themed boxes with Jungle based names and use his tongue to unscrew the stars, all while trying to avoid the Critters, Snakes, Crabs and other Jungle creatures that joined him in the boxes.

In the end, Rita and James earnt 8/9 stars for their campmates.

Although Rita wished they had managed that last star, the remaining members of Croc Creek were more than happy with the stars they earned.

Campmates double treats

Fleur and Sair appeared as though they were auditioning to be the next hosts for "The Great British Bake Off," with their baking themed Dingo Dollar Challenge. The pair amused fans as they threw cake ingredients over each other in order to win their Dingo Dollars.

As always the Dingo Dollars were the easy part, with the final question from Kiosk Kev being the difference between the campmates and a treat.

But last night the campmates succeeded in getting the question correct and were not only rewarded with a cupcake each but also with a treacle cover Fleur who allowed any campmate that wanted, to get a lick off her.

Little did the campmates know that they would be rewarded with treats once again after Harry and Rita were called out of camp to take part in a special challenge. In keeping with the movie-themed episode, the duo was sent off to the Jungle's very own "Blockbuster Videos"

Harry and Rita were employed to match videos to their correct boxes based only on being given one line from the film, but of course, they weren't allowed and a multitude of critters joined them on their late night shift.

After a successful job, the pair earnt another round of treats for themselves and their campmates that included; Fizzy Pop, Ice Cream and Popcorn.

Sair leaves camp

Last night's vote was left down to Sair and Rita before it was announced that Sair, who had been at the bottom the night before, would be the third campmate to leave the 2018 Jungle.

Now that there is just one week left of the 2018 series of I'm a Celeb a campmate will be voted off each night until there are just three campmates left and the winner is announced.