It's been ten days since we first watched the 2018 Campmates enter the Jungle, and despite their ages ranging from 20-71, they have managed to find ways to bond and form friendships.

Last night's episode of "I'm a Celeb" proved this as Fleur and Malique attempted to teach Harry some slang terms, that he could take home to his wife Sandra. Malique told Harry that he when he went home to Sandra he should tell her "Sandra you're a Peng Ting," to which Harry hilariously responded with "She'll think I'm talking about paintings."

Fleur East went on to nickname Harry "MC Hazza," after his attempts to get down with the kids, as he repeated the words they gave him to say and gesticulated his hands like a rapper.

Candle Gate

Malique has felt babied during his time in the Jungle after the older Campmates have told him off for not keeping his bunk tidy and have tried to help him be neater.

However, last night he proved his youth, after lighting a candle before he went to bed, that over the course of the night melted into John's bag and all over his clothes. Malique quickly apologised, "I'm sorry mate," and gave John a pat on the back and hug, but John was not impressed and neither was Rita who had come over to help. Rita handed Malique an item of John's camp clothing and told him "Just feel that."

Some viewers wondered if this might cause the first argument of the series after John told Malique, "I told you the other night not to relight it," once it was revealed that John had blown out the candle before bed but Malique had lit it again.

But, John remained calm and understanding though he was clearly annoyed about the candlewax on his clothes.

The Hellish Hospital

Anne was selected for her second Bushtucker Trial, after being medically exempt from most of the previous trials. In her first trial, Anne only managed to earn two stars before calling "I'm a Celebrity..." and became emotional after the trial ended.

But, since then Anne has adjusted well to camp life, and her fellow Campmates have done well to support her and help her to adjust to camp life being aware that her Autism can make simple tasks hard for her. In the Live Trial, Anne proved that she had experienced a change after eating a Wittchety Grub and downing a Fish Eye Cocktail.

Anne proved even further that she was taking camp life in her stride, after earning seven stars in last night's trial, "The Hellish Hospital." Before she left, the Campmates all wished her luck and made to sure to make her feel calm rather than under pressure. In the trial Anne did well, with support from Dec and Holly, skipping the rooms where she felt most overwhelmed and not attempting to get stars that she felt she could not get.

However, Anne did call "I'm a Celebrity..." once again but it was at the end of the trail and she refused to crawl through a tight space that homed a large lizard.

Nick gets treated

Since he entered the Jungle, Nick has given up luxuries and treats for himself, so that his other Campmates have not gone without.

He gave up his pillow to Anne, despite his own back issues, plus he also gave up his place in the Emperor's inner circle along with James for Fleur and Sair and has cooked almost every night for the camp.

When he was elected Camp Leader Nick was unhappy, as it meant that he could no longer take care of the camp or cook. After Rita, James and John returned from "The Quest," Nick put his foot down and stayed in camp while his fellow Campmates left to have a luxury buffet in Snake Rock.

Last night, Nick was finally able to receive a luxury for himself that his Campmates did not participate in. After winning the Dingo Dollar Challenge, Fleur and Noel returned to camp with "Scampi Fries," which they immediately gave to Nick who had spent the previous night eating homemade Bean Burgers. Even though the treat was just for him, Nick still attempted to share it, but the rest of the Campmates politely declined his offer.