Last night's episode of I'm a Celeb sparked an interesting debate on gender between campmates, specifically between John and Nick whose conversation began over ladies' underwear. Nick revealed that he was "Old fashioned," after asking John to move the girls' underwear so it could dry as he felt uncomfortable touching it.

This started a conversation between them, as John happily obliged Nick's request and didn't see an issue with touching the girls' underwear. Some fans of the show questioned why Nick had asked John, who is openly gay, rather than one of the girls in camp, as it was touching a female's underwear that he felt uncomfortable with.

In a more amusing moment that showed the differences between the men and women in the camp, Rita revealed that she might be irritable over the next few days due to her menstrual cycle. Later in the day when preparing lunch, Rita asked John to cook up more rice that he had planned to as she was hungry. In a camp vote, all the girls raised their hands to agree with Rita's plan to add more bags of rice to the pot.

The moment was made funnier when John and Nick had a private conversation about being careful around the girls, Nick telling John "Remember the girls are going to be a little jumpier, because of what time of the month they told us."

Dreaded delivery

Malique and Sair we nominated by public vote to take part in the I'm a Celeb annual eating Trial, which fans of the show always look forward to watching from the comfort of their own homes glad they don't have to participate.

As is traditional the food delivered in a takeaway style to the duo included: an animal anus, an animal penis, fish eyes and a selection of critters.

Previously in the show, Malique caused tension in the camp after lighting a candle that had melted itself into John Barrowman's bag and clothing. Some fans of the show question if that may have been a reason for him being voted for the eating Trial, a trial that is typically seen as the worst in the series.

Another reason speculated for the votes of both Sair and Malique is that both campmates have been seen as boring and have received little airtime, and seem to fade into the background among their campmates who have larger personalities such as; Harry Redknapp, Noel Edmonds, Emily Atack, John Barrowman and Rita Simons.

However, during their Bushtucker Trial, the duo did little to change some viewers' opinions that they are boring as Dec and Holly's reactions to them was deemed funnier and more interesting than Malique and Sair actually eating the aesthetically unpleasing foods.

At one point Holly almost threw up as she watched Mailque gagging on one of his meals. Despite their lack of personalities, Malique and Sair managed to achieve all eleven stars and returned to the camp as hero's, putting smiles on everyone's faces as it meant that the campmates could continue to eat well.

The Immunity Games

Evictions from I'm a Celeb are fast approaching, and not only are the public in charge of voting off who they want to leave Croc Creek but also get to vote for the captains of The Immunity Games teams, who will also be the first campmates to take part.

Last night the three captains were chosen by public vote, and we discovered that Harry, John and Nick would be participating in the first Immunity Games for a chance to save themselves from the public vote. The trio has been popular with fans of their show since their arrivals into camp, and being voted for a chance to win immunity proves this just a little bit more.