The campmates have been in the Jungle for a week, except for Noel who entered on day five as Camp Emperor. They all seem to be settling into camp life and are still enjoying each other's company, however, Noel's role as Camp Emperor ruffled John Barrowman's feathers on his first day in camp.

Noel's time in Croc Creek has been a luxurious one, as Emperor he has been able to sleep in a proper bed in his luxury quarters, have a full meal every night and was able to receive his care package on his second day in camp. Along with his new best friend Harry Redknapp, who Noel selected to be his Advisor on his first day.

Harry loves Sandra

The former football manager once again proved his undying love for his wife of 54 years, Sandra, in an adorable moment in last night's episode. After being convinced to go down to the shower with Rita and Fleur, Harry stood at the bottom of the hill, with his arm on a tree and faced away from the girls, saying "The only one I wanna see in a bikini is Sandra."

Sair also came for a shower, asking Harry "Is this the shower queue?" before Harry politely let her go before him and join Rita and Fleur at the shower. This is not the first time we have seen Harry talk about his love for Sandra, and each time he does fans and his fellow campmates fall more in love with him.

Sheep's brains

The Eating Trial came early this series as Harry and Noel faced "Nero to Zero." However, the only thing they actually had to eat was a sheep's brain served in a sheep's skull, so many viewers are hoping that the more classic Eating Trial will be in a future Trial.

Harry and Noel also had to hold an assortment of creatures in their mouths, Noel's critters included; a stick insect, a spider, a yabby, and cockroaches.

Harry's critters included; beach worms, witchetty grubs, and a hissing cockroach.

To receive their final stars and a meal for every campmate, Harry and Noel had to bite into fish eyes and squeeze the blood out into a cup using their mouths. The cups were marked with a line that the liquid had to reach before the dynamic duo then had to drink the blood to win "Nero to Zero."

Catch a Falling Star

The public voted once again for tomorrow night's Bushtucker Trial "Catch A Falling Star," and Noel and Nick were selected to take part.

The Trial requires teamwork and many fans are wondering if the two natural leaders will be able to step back and work together. The highrise Trial will have campmates suspended over the Australian bush, as they lie in a bunk bed style container.

The job of the campmate in the top box in to drop the star down to the campmate below, who will then have to try and catch it by sticking their hands out of the top of the box. Of course, they won't be alone in there and an assortment of critters will be joining Noel and Nick as they attempt to win camp meals.