"I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here" returned to our ITV screens last night, with one change that could not be missed. Holly Willoughby stepped up as Ant McPartlin's replacement for the first time, as she joined Declan Donelly for the classic intro scream on the bridge. Holly took the role with ease, and with the help of Dec who did his best to show her the ropes.

We also gained some catchphrases to get us through this series of I'm a Celeb as Dec reminded us all that "Losers can't be choosers," in a somewhat reminiscent to "Wonkey Donkey," a show Ant and Dec once hosted on "SMTV Live." The host also encouraged Holly to take part in his rhyming game, who came back with "He's loads of fun and only 5ft1," but we are still waiting to find out who that's about.

Campmates have entered

Also new to this year's camp was, of course, this year's campmates. The first four campmates; John Barrowman, Rita Simmons, James McVey, and Sair Kahn arrived in style as speedboats led them to a luxury yacht and cocktails. But it wasn't long before they were split into two teams and pitted against each other in the tallest challenge yet. Sair and John became the red team, while Rita and James became yellow.

Sair Kahn compared the helicopter ride as "Like flying over a giant head of broccoli," just before Dec informed them about "The Edge" the highest challenge ever on I'm a celeb. Dec quickly reminded them that "Losers can't be choosers," and in order to have the first choice of their next two campmates, they had to win.

The next quartet of campmates included; Harry Redknapp, Anne Hegerty, Nick Knowles and Fleur East who attempted to show themselves off, as winners Rita and James chose their teammates from the helicopter. The Yellow's quickly kidnapped Anne and Fleur leaving Harry and Nick to wait for the Red Team to come for them.

Once again the teams went head to head to win first choice of their final teammate.

The newest teammates experienced the first creepy crawlies of the series Anne and Harry stuck their hands in a box filled with crabs and spiders in an effort to collect five tokens. Anne braved it out telling herself "I can do this," while Harry seemed unphased by it all, even as a spider crawled up his arm.

This task challenge had each team sat in a jeep matching their team colours.

Nick drove for the red team after Harry's story about running over his wife had his team questioning his driving skills. Fleur was the driver for the yellow team. Once the tokens were collected the drivers had to post them into individual slots in a box filled with fire ants. It was a close call, as Nick dropped one of his tokens but the red team pulled in the win.

The final two choices were Emily Atack and Malique Thompson-Dwyer who after being chosen were thrown from a helicopter in a tandem skydive. While Malique overcame his fear of heights and smiled throughout his decent, Emily simply screamed something that Dec and the viewers took pleasure in.

Once the teams had been formed it was a kayak race to get the good camp, the winner would stay at Crock Creek while the losers would sleep on the floor in Snake Rock.

The football manager used tactics to lead the red team to victory while the yellow team was still trying to recover from their sunken kayak.

The Viper Pit

Emily screamed during her skydive, which she made clear she did not enjoy, then cried out in Snake Rock when she saw a leech on her leg, so of course, viewers only saw fit to put her forward for the first trial of the series. The first trial will send Emily into a cave filled with a variety of snakes, in a trial so scary that Holly would not even watch it.