The Campmates have now been in Croc Creek for fifteen days, and have all bonded well together. Although there have been a few moments of tensions, this year's Campmates have yet to have a major argument and are more concerned with helping out and supporting each other. After no eliminations the previous day, the public vote was instead used to vote Fleur to do the Bushtucker Trial.

The pizza-themed task gave everyone craving for the food, including Dec and Holly who got a delivery of their own. But the pair were less than impressed when they opened the box to reveal a pineapple pizza, causing Holly to ask; "Who puts pineapple on a pizza?" leaving only one hilarious answer for Dec to give; "Perverts Holly, Perverts."

Gore Seasons Pizza

In a rare moment for I'm a Celeb, a Bushtucker Trial took place that viewers at home thought they might actually be willing to try.

"Gore Seasons Pizza," mixed one of the nation's favourite foods with the game of Pinata and Fleur smashed it.

Fleur is one of the few Campmates to have not yet taken on a trial, after losing to Sair in the pick for the "Sickening Sewer," she was excited to be taking on this Bushtucker Trail and even happier when she discovered that she would be strapped to a giant pizza, while holding onto a giant rolling pin.

Dec and Holly looked on in disgust as the first pizza layer "Rotten Tomatoes," was dropped onto Fleur and the pizza base, but Fleur was not put off and instead had a taste of the vegetable. Other topping dropped onto the Singer included: Rotten Cheese, Fish Guts, Offal, and some more Rotten Veg.

Of course, it being a Bushtucker Trial an assortment of critters were also added to the pizza.

The smelly ingredients along with the hot weather did not put Fleur off as she once again showed off her superhuman strength as she smashed each Pinata that was presented to her, and won meals for her Campmates. Fleur also shocked Dec and Holly as she also ate some of the "Rotten Cheese" that was dropped onto her.

Fleur did not let her Campmates down as she returned to Croc Creek with all ten stars, although her Campmates were happy with the results they were much less impressed with her smell and avoided hugging their latest hero until she had, had a wash.

John gets injured

Shortly before the night's dinner, John and Harry headed out of camp, Harry telling John "I'll let you lead the way, John," and moments later John slipped on the path and cried out clearly in pain.

Harry was quick to call the fellow Campmates to the scene, and Nick and Malique helped John to make his way to the Bush Telegraph with his arms over their shoulders. Anne Hegerty gave her opinion on the serious of John's injury as she explained to the other Campmates "If he can put any pressure on it at all, it's not broken."

It was later revealed that John was in the Hospital, where he had x-rays that revealed that his injury was no more serious than a badly sprained ankle. Dec and Holly also stated that it was hoped that John would be returning to camp soon.

Malique Leaves

Malique became the second Campmate to leave the 2018 Jungle, after being saved from the first public vote by immunity. As Dec and Holly left it down to the final two, it was between Malique and Sair who he had been on "The Galah's" with and who he also did "The Dreaded Delivery," eating trial with.