Last night's Bushtucker Trial saw four Campmates face "Drown and Out," Rita and Malique were voted by the public while John and Emily were chosen by their Emperor and his advisors.

This trial saw the two teams face each other in a head to head battle, to fill the opposing teams take with water before theirs was filled. Rita was initially scared of the water element of the trial, sarcastically telling Dec and Holly "I'm overjoyed." The trial required Campmates to dive underwater to retrieve keys, that would open padlocks to handles that allowed them to flood the opposing team's tank.

Rita soon put her fears aside when the first key she selected opened a padlock just seconds after the trial began and gave herself and Malique a slight advantage. While in the other take John encouraged Emily to "Just focus," as Baby Crocodiles, snakes and other water-based creatures entered the tanks.

Malique the Fish

Perhaps the most talked about moment from last night's show was Malique's fish-like ability, as he managed to stay under the water for close to a minute, as he handed keys up to Rita, and tried to unlock the padlocks that were below the water. Not only fans were impressed but his fellow Campmates and Dec and Holly watched on in amazement at his underwater skills.

Emily Atack had previously been voted for the first Bushtucker Trial of 2018, "The Viper Pit," and her fear of snakes was still obvious as Water Snakes were added to the tank.

Emily responded by screaming, but John continued to support her, as he faced his second waterbased Trial and they fought for their place in Emperor Noel's inner circle.

Though at one point it was a close call as to who would win, Rita and Malique soon pulled ahead and flooded John and Emily's tank, meaning that they had won a place in the inner circle along with six meals for the Emperor and his advisors.

Harry and Noel

The Emperor and his senior Advisor Harry continued to delight viewers with their hilarious relationship, as we were finally shown what really happened in their private quarters when Harry got cramp at five o'clock in the morning. Harry informed the Bush Telegraph that this had happened to him before and his wife Sandra was the one who has to massage him "I think Sandra thought I was really enjoying myself at that time, but it was cramp."

However, later on in the evening Noel and Harry had to make a tough decision and select three Campmates who would not receive care packages from home.

Harry readily sacrificed his care package, while Noel automatically would receive one since he was Camp Emperor.

Despite being the ones to win the care packages for camp, James and Nick were also denined their's, although disappointed Nick took it better than James who was visibly upset. James has had a tough time in the Jungle, having spent his first three days in Snake Rock, and not being able to eat any of the meats won in trails due to being Vegetarian.

Nero to Zero

Tonight's Bushtucker Trial marks the end of a Reign, for Emperor Noel and his senior Advisor Harry, who will both face their first Bushtucker Trial "Nero to Zero."

The vote was not cast by the public, but instead, by default as the two highest ranking Campmates, Harry and Noel were automatically selected to face the Trial. In an exclusive from "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!" it has been revealed that the duo will face the first eating trial of this year's Celebrity Jungle.