When it comes to being unpredictable, Cartoon Network is on top of the food chain. The massive television network has been doing it for years and there is no sign of stopping them. However, this bombshell that they are keen on doing also receives an avalanche of negative feedback from their viewers. A primary example would be the unjust cancellation of classic shows such as the original series of "Tom and Jerry", "Dexter´s Laboratory", "Powerpuff Girls" and "Johnny Bravo." This year, they are looking to bounce back as "Steven and the Gems" are booked for an earlier schedule.

Rebecca Sugar and LGBTQ

Much has been said about the creation of Rebecca Sugar and how it was able to depict what LGBTQ is all about. In the history of animated television series, "Steven Universe" is the only series that was widely accepted regardless of their contentious concept. The consensus was to keep or stay away from this topic as it has been proven that it will destroy any career. But this show is an exception as it is still going strong for the past six seasons.

'Steven Universe': Diamond Days

When Cartoon Network posted on their social media account about the return of "Steven Universe" the Twitter world went berserk. Apparently, even Cartoon Network cannot contain their excitement thus giving it an earlier return.

The new season of Rebecca Sugar´s masterpiece will only contain five episodes and will be focusing on an entirely new arc titled "Steven Universe: Diamond Days". The very first episode of this arc "Legs From Here To Homeworld" has already been shown at the San Diego Comic-Con panel in July. The only problem is, this was not aired on Cartoon Network, which angered some fans.

The 'White Diamond'

The new episode will test Steven to its limits as this will be the first time that he will face a "White Diamond". Numerous accounts from fans stated that the "White Diamond" is menacing and a polar opposite like the other Gems. A notable fan site and edit account provided a detailed spoiler about "Legs From Here To Homeworld” but as of right now that post is already deleted.

The only thing clear about that episode is, Steven must do something extraordinary to overcome the "White Diamond," even if it means sacrificing something.

´She-Ra´: The Princess of Power

On the other hand, Netflix has already made a move when they announced the remake of "She-Ra," a timeless classic which is always intertwined with a He-man who is her twin. It didn´t gain much recognition before, but this is the perfect time to do a reboot."Sh-Ra" is known as the "Princess of Power" and her quirky attitude is a perfect complement to "Steven Universe." Netflix also made it clear that their show won´t be a competition for "Steven Universe" as they see Rebecca Sugar's work on another plateau.