Last night saw Emily Atack face the first Bushtucker Trial of 2018, and once she managed to get herself across the bridge, Emily braved The Viper Pit. The trial was also the first for replacement host Holly, telling Emily "It's your first trial, it's your my first trial." The trial came with an added twist for the Snake Rock campmate who also had the chance to win herself a place in the more comfortable Croc Creek.

At first, it seemed as though we would have a repeat of Amir Khan's performance in 2017 after Emily was bitten by the first snake, and Holly questioning "Is she okay?

Is that okay?" But the Inbetweeners star braved on, simply deciding to skip the first start, rather than shout "Get me out of here!"

The final part of the task saw Emily lie in a rocking box, in shallow water for five minutes, as 50 snakes joined her, the most snake's ever used on I'm a Celeb trial. But Emily braved it out and ultimately won 9/10 stars, meaning that she won meals for everyone at Croc Creek, including herself, as well as three meals for Snake Rock.

Emily almost made the nation proud with her amazing effort in the trial, but what asked what she was thinking of to distract herself from the snakes around her, Emily revealed that she wanted to start her Christmas Day meal with a cheeseboard.

A revelation that shocked viewers, as well as Holly and Dec who said "Sorry I've lost focus, I can't believe she's starting with a cheeseboard."

Advocate for Autism

Not diagnosed until she was 45 years old, Anne only received her diagnosis in 2003, and in her short time in the Jungle had opened up a conversation about Autism and her own personal experience with it.

The campmates have gathered around Anne to make her more comfortable after her small breakdown when they first entered the camp.

Rita, who is diagnosed with OCD, sat down with Anne to discuss her Autism. The pair discussed the different characteristics of Autism such as; not picking up on social cues, Rita telling her that "You don't seem to have that." Anne was happy to hear Rita and her fellow campmates felt the same and said in the Bush Telegraph that "I really appreciate how nice and supportive they all are."

Viewers of the show hope that an will continue to be a voice for those with the diagnosis and many of those with Autism are already showing their appreciation to Anne.

Royal stories

So, last night we not only learnt that Harry's wife calls him "Mr Pastry", or that he loves a cold shower before bed, or that he has no sense of smell, nicknaming himself "Harry the s**t shoveler" in camp but we learned about his hilarious interactions with members of The Royal Family. Since the moment the retired Football Manager stepped onto the show he has had his campmates in stitches, and last night was no different.

We heard how Harry shares a physio with a Royal of the same name, but without realizing responded to Royal's greeting with "You alright mate," thinking he was an ex-player of his, but soon found out from the receptionist it was Prince Harry.

But this wasn't Harry's only experience with not recognising a Royal, at a meal with his son Jamie Redknapp and his guests, the group got talking about Horse Racing, as the young female Royal across from him talks about her Grandmother's love of horses.

Hilariously he did not realise it was Princess Beatrice until she revealed that name of the Queen's horse.

Monstrous Monoliths

Anne Hegerty was nominated to take on tonight's task "Monstrous Monoliths" a trial that will combine critters with numbers, and one that the viewers that voted Anne for the trial hope she will do well at. The Governess has already proved her intelligent in the Jungle after her team decided to have a quiz at Snake Rock.

If Anne does well she will also be able to win herself a place at the more comfortable Croc Creek, as well as winning meals for her campmates in both camps.