Day four and the campmates spent their first night together in Croc Creek. Fans of the show quickly related to Anne Hegerty as she struggled to pull herself together after spending her first three nights sleeping on the floor in Snake Rock. But who could blame her, after all, she did spend the night in John Barrowman's bed and the gift of Nick Knowles' pillow to comfort her.

While Anne assimilated herself quickly into the camp, the rest of the former Snake Rock campmates, Rita, James and Fleur felt more like welcomed guests in the camp and wondered where they would fit in.

Captain John

A new catchphrase emerged last night, as Holly continued to come into her own with her new hosting role, telling John "Put it in your bag or it won't count," each time he collected one of the iconic yellow stars. Her "Mum voice" and desire to help John win his meals for camp, led to a hilarious altercation between Dec and Holly after Dec told her she was "A bit stern."

Despite his, usually over the top and "Fabulous" demeanour, John took to the "Scary Rose" trial as though he feared nothing even after a large crocodile was added to the mix seconds before the trial began. The trial involved swimming in a sunken ship surrounded by eels, baby crocodiles, water dragons and crabs.

John collected the first nine stars with ease, coming up for breath after each one and trying to ignore Dec and Holly's facts such as; "The big crocodile has got some friends with him, he's got twenty small crocodiles in there." But the final star was more intense, as John struggled despite Dec and Holly's advice "It might be tied to a rope."

There were just ten seconds left when John emerged from the water with the final star in one hand which he quickly put into his bag and secured tightly.

In true John style, he returned to camp sad-faced, and exhausted in an attempt to trick his fellow campmates but soon shouted out that he had, in fact, won all ten stars.

Campmate confessions

However, the Dingo Dollar Challenge was once again a flop, despite Nick and Emily's efforts, it was the question that once again caused newbie Kiosk Kev to slam the shutters down on them.

Last night it was Jam Roly-Poly that the campmates missed out on when the campmates left at Croc Creek voted that only "40%" of adults loved their school days instead of "50%." a loss that disappointed Harry more than anyone else.

Nick and Emily took it in their stride, however, after working to match a confession with a campmate's childhood photograph, the shutter slam was not what they wanted.

While Emily threw herself to the ground in protest, Nick simply took her by the boot and dragged her down the hill as she giggled.

The Emperor arrives

Last night also saw the introduction of Emperor Noel Edmonds, who will meet the current campmates in tonight's episode of I'm a Celeb. In an exclusive on I'm a Celeb's sister show "Extra Camp" it was revealed that as Emperor, Noel will not be allowed to participate in any camp chores, leaving fans wondering if this will finally cause some controversy.