This week saw the Candidates take part in another sales task, more specifically the sale of contemporary art. A task which has often baffled past Apprentice Candidates who struggle to mix their corporate side with the creative.

Learning and Development Manager, Jasmine Kundra claimed to have enough experience to PM, Team Typhoon while Sponsorship Consultant Jackie Fast took charge of Team Collaborative.

As week eight began, it was clear that Candidates felt the pressure of the competition, none more so than Daniel Elahi, the Owner of a Lifestyle Brand who changed his look.

His combed his usually well-quaffed hair flat, and swapped his black suit for a white one, that he felt made him look more "Artistic."

Contemporary Art

Lord Sugar set the Candidates up with interviews with Contemporary Artists in Glasgow as well as some corporate clients with big budgets who would be attending their art displays. The rift in Team Collaborative started early on after Nut Milk Brand Owner, Camilla Ainsworth, Eco Cleaner Kadija Kalifa, and Sarah Ann Magson a Solicitor rang the other half of the team with a corporate brief that they did not understand.

The Candidates also had the change to make some extra cash by selling t-shirts and tote bags with images of their chosen artworks displayed on them, but Jackie's choice to sell at high prices had customers laughing at her £25 tote bags.

Meanwhile on Team Typhoon, Tenni Event Company Owner, Sabrina Stocker unintentionally cheapened her team's artwork, by flashing her team's t-shirts and tote bags on the shop floor.

Despite their claims of being experienced in the art world, Jasmine and Tom seemed to struggle to show off their knowledge and Jasmine's decision to keep Sabrina in the back almost lost them, their corporate sales.

But the novice Jackie and Daniel, on Team Collaborative, could have almost passed for experts with their artistic ramblings to potential buyers.

One more fired

Team Typhoon failed to win this week's task with a more than £2000 difference between their earnings in the task and Team Collaborative's who were this week's winners.

Jasmine chose to bring back Tom and Sabrina to face the final boardroom. Ultimately it was Jasmine that faced the finger and heard the dreaded "You're fired" after being deemed "Too corporate," by Lord Sugar.

Next week the Candidates will sell products live on TV. Another task that has had hilarious consequences in the past, and one that many viewers are looking forward to, wondering who will crack under the pressure of live TV and who will rise to the top.