Sunday night’s episode of "Love Island" saw Geordie lass Ellie and her wealthy boyfriend Charlie dumped from the island, after receiving the least votes from viewers. However, the dumping did not end there as host Caroline Flack revealed that a second couple could face being dumped.

The Islanders who survived the bottom three were left to decide which couple was next to go, choosing between lovebirds Wes and Megan or loyal couple Sam and Georgia. Viewers were given a sneak peek of the next shock twist and the arrival of four new Islanders.

At the start of Monday night’s episode, it was Georgia’s former partner Josh who revealed that Sam and Georgia were their choices to leave.

Express wrote, "The Love Island couple were not saved by the public or their fellow islanders."

Split or stay

The newest twist to this series was the choice for Sam and Georgia to stay together and leave the island, or split as a couple and keep their place and re-couple with one of the four new islanders set to enter the villa. Many viewers believed that the couple would leave after Georgia's daily claims that she was loyal.

Georgia was previously left heartbroken by Josh after he returned from Casa Amor with new partner Kaz. This left viewers feeling sorry for Georgia who had shown her loyalty by sticking by Josh. However, the couple shocked viewers and fellow Islanders when they decided to split up to stay on the Island, and they explained their decision as a test.

The Mirror noted that they explained their logic to the Islanders, "They explained their logic to the islanders, saying they would be testing the strength of their relationship and whether they should be together by coupling up with someone else and remaining in the villa." Some viewers questioned whether the couple was more interested in gameplay than each other.

Four more Islanders

Soon after their decision to split, both Sam and Georgia were sent on dates with the newest Islanders of this series. Sam met new girls Laura and Stephanie while Georgia sat just meters away for her dates with new boys Paul and Josh.

The rest of the Islanders were sent back to the Villa where they all discussed their shock over the decision made by Sam and Georgia.

It made them happy that they had chosen to keep Wes and Megan, despite their rocky start. One of the most vocal Islanders was fan favourite Dani Dyer.

The Mirror wrote how "Those still coupled up in the Villa doubted her supposed loyalty, with Dani Dyer laying into her and Sam about their "Stupid decision"'

When Sam and Georgia were done with the four new Islanders, it did not take long before Georgia took close friend Dani for a chat about the new boys. But Dani was shocked over how quickly Georgia appeared to be over Sam, Express commented how "Their decision saw Dani Dyer and Georgia fall out" and went on to write "Dani told Georgia to shove their friendship "Up her a**e"'

The newly split couple will eventually have to re-couple with one of the new islanders, while Sam has a choice of surfer Stephanie or accounts manager Laura. Georgia faces a choice between DJ Josh or carpenter Paul. A highlight of the show was Georgia's confusion over Paul's profession. At first, she thought he made carpets.