At the start of this week Islanders, Sam and Georgia caused controversy among viewers and their fellow Islanders when they chose to stay in the villa and split from each other. Now they shocked their fellow Islanders and fans once again by choosing to quit the show.

The end of last night's episode ended with a sneak peek of tonight's re-coupling and left fans wondering who Sam and Georgia would choose to re-couple with. During the episode, the newly spilt couple had shared a secret kiss in the bathroom, and viewers questioned why they had chosen to split.

An insider reportedly told The Independent that 'They filmed the recoupling and afterwards Sam and Georgia weren’t happy, so they walked out of the villa.' their decision comes just four days after the couple was faced with the decision to stay and split up or leave and be together.

Loyalty tested

Georgia will be one Islander remembered for her daily outbursts of how loyal she is, a claim that has caused controversy inside and outside of the Villa as some viewers and Islanders believe that she has not lived up to these claims.

However, since she split from Sam, her claims of loyalty have not be heard even though the couple believed that the spilt was a test of their relationship. The Standard wrote how 'Fans slammed Georgia for claiming to be "Loyal" yet appearing to reject him in a bid to get more air time,' though it was later revealed that it was Sam's choice to stay.

The Standard went on to write 'The decision put a strain on her relationship with Dani who told her to "Bore off" in a furious row which also saw old Jack brand her a "Little s**t."

Fan favourite Dani has been outspoken throughout her time in the Villa, often being the voice of reason or giving a controversial opinion to the Islander's she is closest to.

The split between Sam and Georgia was no different, and she made sure to pull them aside and let them know how she felt.

Quit the show

Sam and Georgia are not the first to leave the Villa for a relationship, last week Samira Mighty left the Island to be with beau Frankie Foster who was dumped just a few days before her departure.

Now Sam and Georgia have also decided to leave for their relationship, although some fans argue they should have made this decision from the start.

The Independent wrote how 'The producers reportedly attempted to persuade loyal Georgia to stay, even promising to allow herself and Sam to get back together, but were unsuccessful.' Their departure also comes just eleven days before the show's finale, meaning that the couple has lost their chance at winning £50,000.