During the tension that is happening right now on “Corrie”, the angle between Kayla and Craig is about to reach its boiling point, Digital Spy noted. It is no secret that Kayla Clifton’s plan is to have vengeance against everybody who she thinks was a thorn to her family. With that said, fans should buckle up and be ready as she is about to unveil her new plan against the defenceless Craig Tinker.

Kayla’s revenge

For those who aren’t familiar, Kayla Clifton is the daughter of the former policeman Neil Clifton: The same policeman who raped the lowly Bethany Platt.

This single event was the main catalyst for why the Clifton’s are having a rough time in the series. Neil Clifton had already created a monster in her daughter by injecting in her mind that Bethany and Craig are the very reason for their downfall.

Kayla is indeed beautiful and can lure anybody, especially the likes of Craig Tinker. According to the Metro, She is determined to help her father get out of the prison and will use Craig to her advantage. As shown in the previous episode, Kayla was able to entice Craig so easily. Craig doesn’t have any idea that she is manipulating him and blinded by the “love” that Kayla is showing him. Due to the condition that Craig has (OCD), Kayla sees it as a perfect weapon to use in destroying Craig’s life.

Bethany Platt doesn’t have any clue yet regarding Kayla Clifton’s real identity. Bethany assumes that Craig’s newfound love is going to provide more motivation about his quest to become a policeman. However, that is not the case as Kayla’s plan is already in place. Sooner or later, Bethany will discover this, but at what cost?

Seeing how fragile Craig is, he is on the verge of breaking down, which means that the Clifton’s might get the retribution that they’ve wanted.

List of characters requested to be axed by the fans

Meanwhile, there was a poll created for“Corrie” fans about who would they like to chop on the series. According to the web magazine “The Sun”, there were plenty names on the list and some of them are legendary characters.

Eileen Derbyshire, who portrays the role as Emily Bishop was suggested by the fans to be axed off the show permanently. Due to age and her not being active for two years, fans think that it’s time to give up on the character. Other names such as Tracy Barlow, Rana Nazir and Kate Connor are on top of the list. Multiple fans suggested that if they don’t cut these characters from the show, they might as well provide some twist to their roles.