The TV adaptation of Stephen King’s 2014 novel, “Mr Mercedes” was released last year for US audiences and was proven to be highly successful. UK audiences will soon get a treat by being able to access the critically acclaimed, 10-episode show on Amazon’s prime STARZPLAY channel, while US viewers watched the season on the Audience Network.

Produced by David E. Kelley (“Ally McBeal” and “Big Little Lies), “Mr Mercedes” is also getting a second season, coming to Amazon STARZPLAY in August, so UK viewers can not only catch up with their US compadres but can also have a serious binging session.

‘Mr Mercedes’ by Stephen King

As noted by Digital Fix, the first season of “Mr Mercedesis adapted from King’s popular novel of the same name. The show stars Brendan Gleeson as Bill Hodges, a retired detective, and Harry Treadaway (“Penny Dreadful”) as the demented killer, Brady Hartsfield, In the show, Brady had killed 16 people and injured dozens more who queuing at a job fair, using a stolen Mercedes vehicle.

Before Hodges retired he had worked on the case but had been unable to find the killer. Hartsfield decides to come back to “haunt” Hodges, sending him several lurid emails and letters, taunting the retired detective to get back on the job before Brady to kill anyone else.

There is plenty more excitement during season one, but no spoilers for now, other than later episodes did show Brady attempting to kill thousands.

The novel was a change for King, as while it does, indeed, have its horror aspects, it is also what King termed a "hard-boiled detective" story.

UK viewers can enjoy the trailer of the first season below.

Future seasons of ‘Mr Mercedes’

The novel, “Mr Mercedes” is one of a trilogy of books by King, with “Finders Keepers” and “End of Watch” following on and continuing the story, It is believed that future seasons will delve into the horrific events of those novels.

As reported by Digital Spy, King’s UK “constant readers” will also be treated to the second chapter of the clown horror, “It,” involving the Loser’s Club from the first movie, now all grown up. The film adaptation is set for release in cinemas in September 2019. There are also talks of a remake of the 1980 Film adaptation of King’s “Firestarter.”

Readers note that the STARZPLAY channel is an additional subscription on your Amazon Prime service and costs viewers an extra £4.99 per month. With shows like “Mr Mercedes” coming to the channel, it could be well worth the extra money.