Adam has established his presence as the Alpha Dog in this year's series of "Love Island", as he has his pick of the new girls entering the villa. While this has won him the respect of the other male Islanders, the same cannot be said for any of the female Islanders.

During his two weeks in the villa, Adam has tried his luck with three girls, meaning that newest islander Zara has come in fourth after falling for his charm as soon as the pair laid eyes on each other. Kendall was the first to be ditched by Adam when he chose Rosie at the first re-coupling ceremony.

The highlight of the re-coupling ceremony was the break-up of the friendship couple Alex and Samira.

However, it was for a good reason with Alex choosing to re-couple with new girl Ellie, while Samira was chosen by the newest Islander Sam who she had connected with over a shared first name earlier in the day.

Girls Vs Boys

New girls Ellie and Zara entered the villa this week, leaving the rest of the girls feeling unhappy and jealous of the new Islanders. However, the same could not be said for the boys who were excited to have two more female Islanders join the villa, especially Adam who was won over by Zara from the start.

The boys saw no problem with talking to the new girls and expressing their desires to get to know new people. At least until the girls returned from their dinner and drinks away from the house.

Rosie was open with her dislike towards Adam's actions, as he began to ignore Rosie in favour of time with Zara.

Last time Adam finally made apologies to Rosie about his treatment towards her, but not all viewers were convinced that he was being sincere. Domestic abuse societies have since used the show as a tool to show young girls and women, the warning signs when it comes to emotional abuse.

The girls immediately took a disliking to the newest Islanders, not only causing trouble between Adam and Rosie but also between Wes and Laura, who had been a happy couple up to this point. Laura confronted Ellie about her feelings towards Wes, but when Ellie admitted she liked Alex the 29-year-old stewardess was happy.

Ellie who not only had a similar look to Laura but was also Wes' age caused the most controversy for the couple, with Laura beginning to act more like a child as the week went on.

However, they managed to resolve their issues and move on, and Wes decided to continue to couple with Laura at the ceremony.

Adam's fourth choice

Many viewers took note of the fact that Rosie's time in the villa almost mirrored Adam's former partner Kendall's time, who lost her place in the villa when Adam chose to re-couple with Rosie after she made her entrance into the villa.

The Independent newspaper wrote how "Rosie swaggered into the villa, took one look at Adam, half a look at Kendall" before she became Adam's second love interest of the series. Little did she know that she would suffer the same fate as Kendall did when it came to the next re-coupling where the boys had their pick of the girls.

Rosie tried to inform Zara about Adam's behaviour, but with little effect as Zara had seen the show before entering the villa and still took a liking towards Adam. At last night's re-coupling Adam got his way once again when he chose to re-couple with Zara, a decision that left Rosie the third girl to leave the Love Island villa.