"The Bachelor UK" all kicked off on a high last night, after Alex's announcement that he would be taking make-up artist, Frankie (23), and model, Charlotte (36), on an adventurous ziplining date through a South African Ravine.

Once ziplining was complete the trio sat at the foot of the ravine but were quickly joined by host Mark and a single Red Rose as he once again revealed that Alex would be sending one woman home and taking the other on a one-on-one date. The Bachelor quickly made his choice and sent Frankie home, giving Charlotte the chance to spend time at Alex's bachelor pad.

Two new girls enter 'Bachelor UK'

The next morning Alex entered the girls Luxury Villa so he could make all of them pancakes for breakfast, shouting "Come on down, no time for make-up," as he entered the Villa and woke them up. After breakfast, Bollywood dancer, Robyn (28), decided to teach Alex and the rest of the girls some moves.

While the mini flashmob performed a Bollywood dance with some of Alex's "Ibiza dance moves" incorporated on the decking, a speedboat carrying Mark Wright and two more single ladies arrived. Annabella (28), a designer and performance coach; Charlotte. T, (30), were welcomed by the unsuspecting original girls who were still makeup free in their pyjamas.

The Bachelor was able to have a quick one-on-one with each of the new girls before deciding who he would take on a one-on-one, out of the now eight women looking for love.

When it came to decision time, Alex chose Alicia to take for a ride in his flashy sports car before they enjoyed wine and pizza in matching swinging chairs.

Having previously rejected Alex's affections on their last one-on-one date, for not feeling special enough after Alex had kissed multiple women, Alicia began to open up a little more when he invited her to cuddle with him.

The pair who have a real connection and flirted since Alicia brought him a Cherry Pie, then share a kiss. "You broke your rule," Alex told her, to which she replied, "You broke my rule."

A Rose rejection

Last night's Rose Ceremony went on once again without too much drama, but as Alex has gotten to know the women better, he has begun to struggle with his emotions.

When talking about Actress Reanne (28) in his confessional, Alex told the camera "I don't know if I can date her in front of other people because she is so vulnerable,"

But, The Bachelor was not the only one breaking hearts. At the Rose Ceremony, he offered a rose to Gabriella (29), a blogger but his offer was rejected with Gabriella feeling that there were other girls more deserving than her who she felt had more of a connection with "The Bachelor." While Alex seemed genuinely saddened by her decision, Gabriella walked away happy with her choice.

Alex still had one girl left to send home and decided to keep the two late arrivals over circus performer, Georgie (30), who was devastated by his decision after feeling that they had made a connection on her White Rose date. Alex's attempts to reassure her before she left fell flat, but host Mark sat down with her afterwards and did a fantastic job of reassuring her.