In the only one on one date of last night's episode, it was Performance Coach, Charlotte.T who was selected to go on a Safari Ride with The Bachelor. Her status as a new girl made Charlotte T, a target of jealousy, especially from Alicia who took an instant dislike to her and Designer, Annabella,28.

But Charlotte.T's late arrival did not seem to affect The Bachelor's feelings towards her, as he kept his arm wrapped around her throughout the ride. Later in the date, as the couple drank wine together, Alex expressed his feelings for Charlotte.T "I'm super attracted to you," tearing up with emotion as he complimented her, though it seemed as if her feelings for him were not as strong.

Before the date was over, Alex gave Charlotte T. a Rose followed by a series of kisses.

Dream wedding date

For the group date, The Bachelor decided that it would be amusing to him to have each of the six remaining single ladies dress up in wedding dresses and pose for wedding photographs with Alex while the others watched on.

Unsurprisingly, things backfired as the girls made snide comments to each other about whoever Alex was posing with at that moment. However, not all the comments were appreciated, especially by Events Co-ordinator, Alicia,26; who quickly began to argue with Reanne, 28, an Actress after she comments about the chemistry between Alex and Charlotte.T.

However, Alex remained unaware and unphased by the girls' comments, instead, trying his best to make each girl feel special during their moment.

Telling the camera after the date "Of all the girls that walked out today Reanne stole my breath." But things took a sad and surprising turn during a one on one between Alex and Reanne.

After Alex failed to reassure Reanne that he had more of a connection with her than any of the other girls, or could even confirm to her that he would pick her in the end; Reanne decided that her time with Alex was over "I promised myself I'd only be with someone who was sure.

You're not sure."

Alex and Alicia

Later that evening Alex was finally hoping to have a Cocktail Party that did not involve arguments or drama. However, after finding himself sandwiched between Charlotte.T and Alica it became clear that emotions were going to boil over.

Alicia; not one to hold back on her emotions, quickly brought up Charlotte.T telling the rest of the girls she had kissed Alex "Multiple times," on their date.

But, it soon backfired when Charlotte.T accused Alicia of making her out to be a liar, despite Alicia's claims being true "How do I know about it then?" Alicia asked both Charlotte.T and Alex.

After walking away crying and venting to Annabella, Charlotte.T soon returned to confront Alicia once more. Alex did his best to calm the ladies down, with Alicia eventually excusing herself giving both Alex and Charlotte.T a hug and an apology before she left. Moments after she left the room Alex decided to kiss Charlotte.T, a decision that caused Alicia to lose control of her emotions.

The night's drama hit an all-time high, as Alicia angrily confronted Alex about his actions, venting to him about feeling betrayed by him and not allowing him to get a word in.

Eventually, her emotions got the better of her, and she locked herself in one of the bathrooms. Annabella, who had, had her time with Alex interrupted by Alicia tried one again to get to know him, but Alex rejected her for a second time and went to find Alicia.

Once he found her, Alicia allowed Alex into the bathroom with her, leaving the remaining girls upset as they felt that Alicia was taking time away from the rest of them. Alex is telling Alicia "I've been conflicted about you from day one, you know that" before Host; Mark Wright had to knock on the door and tell them to leave the bathroom.

While The Bachelor remained where he was, Mark took Alicia away from the situation to allow her time to calm down, and just as he had with Circus Performer, Georgie, 30 the previous night, used his fantastic people skills to reassure Alicia and get her ready for the night's Rose Ceremony.

Due to Reanne's shock exit Alex only had to send one woman home, with the remaining four women being given Hometown Visits in the penultimate episode of "The Bachelor UK," while Alicia somewhat reluctantly accepted her Rose, it was a new girl; Annabella who was sent home. Annabella was both shocked and upset, despite only having met Alex three days prior and spending very little time with him.