Dave Franco, who starred alongside his brother James in "The Disaster Artist", is making his big-screen director’s debut with "The Rental". The movie is still in pre-production and is set to start filming next month.

Dave started out in Film with several supporting roles, in releases such as "Superbad" and "Charlie St. Cloud", before starring in horror-comedies including "Fright Night" and "Neighbors". He’s also appeared in other genres with his most recent credit being the romantic drama "If Beale Street Could Talk".

His brother James already has a number of director’s credits under his belt, but this will be the first major outing for Dave behind the camera.

The script has been co-written by Dave and established independent film director Joe Swanberg.

Franco casts wife Alison Brie in principal role

The cast includes Alison Brie, Dave Franco’s wife, reports EW.com. She’s well known for her role in TV comedy series "Community". Co-starring is Dan Stevens, of "Downton Abbey" fame. Although Brie is better known for romantic comedy roles, Stevens appeared in 2018’s "Apostle". Its impactful plot was well received by critics, with a slow-burning but satisfying build-up to a dramatic climax.

Little is known of "The Rental"’s plot so far, except that it involves two couples who embark on a weekend getaway for a celebration.

Stevens dabbled in romantic comedy in 2017’s "Permission", and with Brie and Franco’s comedy experience, it’s natural to wonder if "The Rental" will bring a few humorous elements into the horror-thriller mix.

That said, it’s certainly possible Franco is looking to establish himself as a pure horror director with this debut.

A third brother, Tom Franco, also has several acting credits, such as in 1990’s horror-comedy "Basket Case 2". He’s mainly focused his career on fine art, having founded the Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley, California.

James had a cameo in "Alien: Covenant" and starred in horror-thriller "The Institute", both in 2017.

Dave has also been busy recently. Fans can look forward to seeing him star alongside Ryan Reynolds in "Six Underground", directed by Michael Bay. It's set for release this year and features an explosive vigilante theme, sure to please action adrenaline junkies.

With James Franco already well established as a talented actor-writer-director, it will be interesting to see how Dave’s first major directorial project turns out.