Last night saw the impact of Natasha and Faran's return after they were given the opportunity by The Bachelor to join the rest of the single ladies in their Luxury Villa. Although Alex seemed happy to have two new women in the process, the remaining single ladies were not so agreeable, especially Tonique who was openly irritated about Faran's arrival.

When it came to the announcement of the group date, the girls were left confused; especially Bollywood Dancer, Robyn, 28 who was the only one not selected to go on the cooking group date. However, in a show that has already been full of multiple twists, it was obvious that Robyn would perhaps have a chance at a one on one date.

Brothers spy

Robyn's absence was not the first shock of the night, as it was revealed that The Bachelor's brothers; Nick and Chris had been flown to South Africa to act as spies on the date. Alex revealed that he had brought his brothers along after hearing from some of the women that some of the other girls were not being genuine. These claims were most specifically aimed at Event Co-Ordinator Alicia, 26 who has been the target of jealous from day one in the Villa.

But, in an added twist the brothers posed as Sous Chef's so that they could see how the women acted when The Bachelor wasn't around. The brothers did not hold back in their opinions of the women, saying of Tara, 21, A Barber "There's a bit of Ying and Yang there and I don't think it's in a good way."

The plan was almost foiled as Circus Performer, Georgie, 30 approached one of the brothers to tell him how much he sounded like The Bachelor and that he also looked slightly similar.

But the brother managed to play it off, acting confused as to why they would accuse him of such a thing and Georgie soon dropped her questioning.

Meanwhile, Alex had picked up Robyn to take her on a date to make wine and afterwards they had a picnic where the pair shared a kiss. Robyn excitedly telling the camera "Absolutely I'm going to tell the other girls."

In another shocking twist and the most awkward moment of the night's episode, Robyn and Alex headed to dinner which was both cooked and served by the other eleven girls, who were not impressed.

Specifically Model, Charlotte,36 who stood awkwardly watching them eat, before asking in a monotone voice "So have you kissed?" To which both Alex and Robyn giggled awkwardly, making it clear that they had.

After dinner Alex finally revealed to the girls that the Sous chefs were, in fact, his brothers, telling the women "I trust these guys opinions more than anything in the whole wide world." Later at his Bachelor Pad, Nick and Chris selected Charlotte, who reminded them of their Mother, and Alicia, who they liked for their brother to go on a double date.

Another explosive party

After a date that required the girls to draw Alex as he posed topless for them. While Alicia flirted and made fun on herself, Charlotte bombarded Alex with a series of abrasive and serious questions. In the end, despite her lack of drawing skills Alicia was awarded a Rose by Alex and immunity at the Rose Ceremony, much to the disappointment of Charlotte who felt confused since she and Alicia are opposites.

Alicia and Alex got to know each other better over a dinner on his rooftop Terrence before slipping into the hot tub, where Alex laid his feeling on the line before trying to kiss Alicia who turned her head and told him "Please don't kiss me now," afterwards explaining that she didn't want to be second best and just kiss him for the sake of it depsite her growing feelings for him.

Tensions reached boiling point, with Tara once again at the centre of the drama after Reanne, 28 an Actress spent most of the night with Alex confused about her feelings and whether she should stay, despite already having a Rose. Something which irritated all of the women as they watched on, before Tara came along and abruptly interrupted them.

Alex left Reanne, first giving her a kiss on the cheek before going to sit with Tara, Make-Up Artist; Frankie,23 clearly unhappy with Alex shouted: "That's a bit muggy Alex isn't it?" But Alex clearly distressed left his one on one with Tara to take a moment to himself, meanwhile, the rest of the girls verbally attacked Reanne who quickly got upset and threatened to leave.

Once the drama was over the Rose Ceremony began and there were clear tensions. It was no surprise when Tara was left without a Rose, but slightly more surprising that he chose to also send Tonique home. Tonqiue was also clearly shocked as she refused to say goodbye to any of the women or Alex, but once she was forced to be face to face with Alex she just told him off.