The first instalment of the newest series of "The Bachelor UK," kicked off last night with a shocking twist. While all seventeen single ladies were able to enjoy the warm weather and scenic views of their South African destination, only fifteen of them would be lucky enough to me this year's Bachelor.

Host of the show Mark Wright met with the women to inform them of their first challenge. Each girl was given a minute to explain why she deserved to be in with a shot at love, afterward, each girl had to vote for which two girls she felt deserved to be there the least.

The two with the lowest votes would be sent home immediately, Mark telling them "It's a competition and it starts right now."

Pilates Instructor, Faran, 35 and Surveyor Natasha, 28 were deemed undeserving by their fellow competitors sent home before they stepped foot into the luxury villa or laid eyes on this year's Bachelor; Alex Marks. The fifteen remaining ladies got dressed in their glad rags, ready to meet the Bachelor and impress him with their talents including; Fire Breathing, Singing, Dancing and Rapping.

An awkward impression

The most awkward moment of the episode and perhaps the entire series of this year's "The Bachelor UK" came from Single-Mum; Lois, 31 who just seconds after meeting Alex offered up her lips to kiss him.

The self-described "Alpha Female" then entered the house to show off to the rest of the girls "I just kissed the Bachelor"

Meanwhile, a somewhat distressed looking Alex remained on the front step where he could be heard saying "I'm really regretting kissing her. I should have said no." Not wanting to make Lois feel rejected Alex had agreed to the kiss but the camera caught the awkward moment as Alex's eyes and lips remained closed while Lois kissed him.

Chloe, 26 an Actress also provided viewers with an awkward moment, although her's was slightly more hilarious as her magic trick to turn a flame into a red rose failed. "So now the rose is on fire," Alex joked as Chloe attempted to repeat the trick correctly before blowing the flame instead.

First Rose Ceremony

The fifteen remaining ladies were not only trying to impress Alex to win a Red Rose but The Bachelor also had a White Rose to hand out to one lady that caught his eye.

The White Rose would give one of the girls "Power over The Bachelor," and being given it would mean that they could take Alex out on a one on one date of their choosing whenever they wanted.

Circus Performer, Georgie, 30 left the most exciting impression on Bachelor Alex; "I mean, that's an entrance," he told the camera during his confessional. After she showed off her Fire Breathing skills on the driveway of the luxury villa, Alex was excited to see what Georgie might be able to come up with for a one on one date.

Abbey, 26, a PA and Single-Mum also impressed Alex and was handed a Rose before the first Rose Ceremony had begun. Alex telling the camera "I wanted to make sure she had a big smile on her face and a bit of reassurance that she is the bomb."

Unsurprisingly, Lois was not handed a rose and despite her claims that Alex had done her "A huge favour," she was clearly upset and refused to say goodbye to Alex or sit down and chat with him when he followed her, wanting to explain his reasons for sending her home. Chloe, who sent her Magic Rose on alight also failed to find a spark with Alex but took it in her stride as she left.