Last night's installment of "The Bachelor UK" was probably the least dramatic episode yet, with the single ladies seemingly learning to get along with each other and to be supportive, unlike previous episodes where they have openly expressed their jealousy.

Circus Performer, Georgie, 30 decided to seize her moment, after a dramatic Rose Ceremony to take advantage of her White Rose power that she had been given on night one. However, after feeling like none of them got enough time with Alex after Reanne's breakdown the other girls were unhappy with Georgie's timing.

Georgie's White Rose

It was no surprise to anyone when Georgie welcomed Alex from an Aerial Hoop for a day of Circus Training skills. Her White Rose gave Georgie the power to plan all aspects of the date and The Bachelor was seemed excited when she didn't disappoint. Georgie's planning included Alex's outfit that included; black pants, with matching suspenders and a bowler hat.

The Aerial Skills continued as Alex climbed a rope before being spun around on it as he showed off his strength; stretching out his body horizontally. After their warm-up, the couple headed outside to take part in some Trapeze Training; where Alex continued to show off and impress Georgie as he participated without fear.

Georgie had one last surprise for The Bachelor and ended their date with melted chocolate, strawberries, and marshmallows. Throughout the date, the couple were both flirty and giggled with each other, and after Georgie laid her emotions on the line, Alex decided to initiate a kiss before sealing the date with a Rose.

Shark Cage Diving

Alex's next date was a group one and in yet another "The Bachelor UK" twist, host; Mark entered the ladies Luxury Villa to let them know that three of them would be going on the next date, but it was going to be down to them to decide. The ladies quickly decided that it would be; Faran, 35 Natasha, 28 and Abbey, 26 who would go on a date.

However, when the women discovered that they would be going "Shark Cage Diving," then began to regret their decision to come along slightly. Especially PA; Abbey who not only admitted that she could not swim but also got terribly seasick on her journey and began throwing up once their reached their destination and meant she was unable to take part in the activity.

Pilates Instructor, Faran also felt slightly seasick but was able to take part still, although her lack of sea legs did mean that a Shark was almost able to bite off her hand as she allowed it to drift outside of the cage. In the end, it was only Natasha, a Surveyor and The Bachelor himself who were able to enjoy the experience, so it was no surprise when she was selected to continue the date one on one.

As the pair sat down for a glass of wine, it was clear that there was a lack of chemistry between the two, with Alex struggling to get Natasha to open up or give him more than a one-word answer to his questions.

For the first time the Cocktail Party before the Rose Ceremony went on without any drama, although both Gabriella, 29 a Blogger and Charlotte, 36 a Model both complained to the other girls about not having enough time with Alex while also admitting that they were not going to go out of their way to approach him.

Before the Rose Ceremony began, host Mark let the girls know that Alex would be sending three ladies home, meaning that they would go from ten single ladies to just seven.

In an unexpected twist that had been teased in the opening credits of the show, Natasha decided to interrupt the Rose Ceremony and to let Alex know that she no longer wanted to remain in the process as she felt there was no future for them as a couple.

The pair parted ways amicably, and Natasha seemed confident in her decision.

After Natasha's departure, Alex was left with the decision to select just two ladies to send home, it seemed the earlier Shark Cage Diving group date had sealed his decision as he chose to leave both Faran and Abbey without roses.