Epik High, a famous South Korean Hip Hop Group, trends worldwide with #EpikHighxSuga only hours after uploading the song "Eternal Sunshine."

The group consisting of three members, Tablo, DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin makes history after launching their second album and talks about collaborations and a European tour.

Eternal Sunshine

The song, despite the cheery title and beat, is actually a painfully relatable song on living with the pressure to succeed and the anxiety that comes with it. Once again, BTS' Suga flexes his producing skills. He is a known advocate for depression as he suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and depression himself.

Though you won't be able to hear his amazing vocals (sorry Army), listeners will still be able to relate to the song.

This is a big deal for many Epik High fans and Army as Epik High inspired Suga's love for Hip Hop.

"Sleepless in _______"

Epik High were guests on SBS Power FM's "2 O' Clock Escape Cultwo Show". An article by Soompi summarizes their talks on the release date of "Sleepless in____" which is now released in South Korea, March 6, 2019, 6:00 KST. The tracks on their album are all aimed to comfort people who suffer from sleeping difficulties due to nightmares, breakups, depression and many more.

They've collaborated with many artists for this album including BTS' Suga, Sunwoo Jung Ah, Crush, and many more.

European main stage

Epik High remains senior legends with the promise of a European tour which will start on 13th of March 2019. Some of the countries they've enumerated were London, Paris, Amsterdam and many more. They are popular even outside of South Korea, so it is no surprise if they hold a concert outside of their country.

Love Drunk music video

It seems Epik High is not yet done as they are also about to release the official music video for "Sleepless in _____" track entitled Love Drunk. The trailer, which shows famous Korean soloist IU and actor Jin Seo Yeon currently, has more than 247,000 views on YouTube with another trailer with 174,000 views.

Trending on Twitter

The hashtag #EpikHighxSuga is causing a storm on Twitterverse, trending worldwide due to the popularity of both sides. Epik High being seniors for the music industry, of the Hip Hop genre and Suga who is the rapper and producer of worldwide sensation Bangtan Sonyeondan, more known as BTS.

With more than 106,000 tweets and still growing, many fans have discussed as to how the style is refreshing and meaningful as it talks about the topics least concentrated on by many KPop acts. Others are happy for Suga as it is a known fact that he is a big fan of Epik High. All in all, many are wishing Epik High well on their upcoming tour and cheering on their newest EP.