The fifteen remaining single ladies spent their first night in their luxury South African villa, while Alex Marks stayed in his own "Bachelor Pad" hidden away from them. After meeting all the girls on Monday night's episode, Alex now had the chance to choose which girls he wanted to get to know better on a date.

Frankie,23 A Make-Up Artist from Edinburgh was the first to be picked, much to the jealousy of the rest of the girls who wished it had been them selected for the first solo date.

A Sanctuary surprise

Alex surprised Frankie with a trip to an Animal Sanctuary that gave the pair a chance to get up close and personal with a Cheetah named "Rocket." Despite their eight-year age gap, Alex and Frankie had good chemistry as she hid behind him while he stroked Rocket, "I really loved how she used me as a shield" Alex told the camera.

Later the pair went for a fancy dinner where Alex gave her a rose and meant she was safe for another day. Telling the girls the next morning about her solo date was met with fake happiness and clear jealousy; Alicia saying honestly in her confessional "I'd rather it have been me."

Next was a group date, where Alex selected eight of the girls to spend the day at the beach with him. However, this was not a typical beach day as the girls were pitted against each other in a Musical Chairs style game in order to win one on one time with The Bachelor. Despite claims that she couldn't run, it was the youngest single lady Tara, 21 A Barber who won the game.

The other seven girls also had a chance to chat with The Bachelor later on that evening while they had a fire pit on the beach and Alex took them one by one for some private conversation.

Tensions boil over

Before the second Rose Ceremony, was another cocktail party where Alex had more time to get to know the women one on one before he handed out the rest of the roses for the evening. The only funny moment of the night was Alex referring to Brunette Gabriella,29 as "Beautiful Blonde," but quickly corrected himself calling her "Beautiful Brunette Blogger."

While Alex was enjoying his night getting to know the girls one by one tension with the remaining girls were building.

Especially, with Alica, 26 An Event Co-Ordinator who getting more and more angry as Alex selected girls other than her. Eventually, she decided that she would interrupt Claudia's, 25 A Psychology Graduate's one on one time, much to the disapproval of the other girls, namely Tonique who told her "He doesn't like to be interrupted."

However, Alex seemed happy to see her as she walked in on an awkward date between himself and Claudia who practically called him stupid because he did not like the 2012 Film "Cloud Atlas," telling him "People just say they don't like it because they don't understand it." A claim which Alex firmly rebuked.

The girls not happy that Alicia got her way, sent Claudia back into the room, but then quickly complained that she had then had two one on one's with Alex. Back in the main room chaos erupted as Frankie accused Alicia of being a hypocrite for telling Georgie, 30 that she was not allowed to interrupt Alicia's one on one time.

Wound up Alicia began to shout in Frankie's face and was quickly confronted by fellow Scot; Tara who quickly became violent and pushed Alicia before the other girls broke them up. A mentally dishevelled; Alex decided to take matters into his own hands and to the girls involved to one side, one at a time.

The Bachelor was most disappointed in Tonique who he accused of speaking for him and also being a hypocrite after her claims to him that a girl should go after what she wants no matter what.

At the high tension, Rose Ceremony Alex reassured the girls "My decisions are solely based on my connection and not on the events of tonight." In the end, it was Claudia, 25 and Brand Manager; Victoria, 29 who were sent packing