At the end of Tuesday night's episode of "The Bachelor UK," it was revealed that; Robyn, Charlotte.E, Charlotte.T and Alicia would be introducing Alex to their families as he travelled to each of their hometowns.

After a dramatic final Rose Ceremony in South Africa, Alex was hoping that meeting the girls in their hometowns for some much-needed one on one time with each of them would help to resolve any of their issues or insecurities. However, heading to meet the girls back in the UK also meant meeting their family and friends who had a series of burning questions for The Bachelor.

Alex's Taxi Tours

The first hometown Alex headed to was Essex, where he met Events Co-Ordinator, Alicia,25 who was upset with Alex after his decision to kiss Charlotte.T at the last dramatic Cocktail Party. Before meeting her Mum and sister, Alex took Alicia aside to apologise for his actions, and the pair were able to put their argument to one side and move forward. At first, Alicia's Mum and sister were standoffish after seeing Alicia upset with Alex, but he was quickly able to reassure them.

Later, Alicia and Alex headed to her local to meet with eight of Alicia's closet friends. In a scene that resembled the night The Bachelor first met the fifteen single ladies looking to win his heart, Alex sat surrounded by the women until best friend; Jasmine took Alex to one side saying "Alicia, do you mind if I grab Alex for a minute."

Jasmine did not hold back as she put Alex in the firing line of her questions asking "I want to know why I should approve of you," and questioning how many of the girls he had kissed so far.

Alicia soon saved Alex from her friends, and asked Jasmine if Alex had passed the text who responded with "For now."

Next, Alex headed to Liverpool to catch-up with Bollywood Dancer, Robyn,28, where after a game of pool the pair video chatted with Robyn's parents who ironically, were on holiday in South Africa. Robyn's Dad quickly put Alex on the spot "Give us a quick thirty seconds of what your intentions are," he told Alex.

Alex also had the chance to meet Robyn's friends, who seemed much more interested in embarrassing their friend rather than getting to know her potential future husband. Her friends also wrote a poem, that they then handed to Alex to read to Robyn which declared his love for her.

Third on Alex's cross country tour was Model, Charlotte.E,36 who took Alex ice skating for the first time in Weston-Super-Mare, in another first Alex also kissed Charlotte.E for the first time since meeting her on day one of "The Bachelor UK." Later, the pair headed to have cheese and wine at Charlotte.E's family home, that from the outside looked somewhat like a castle.

Alex had the chance to meet with Charlotte.E's Mum and niece but unfortunately was unable to meet her Father who had sadly passed away years before. However, the pair were able to see pictures of her Father, and her Mum gave approval from both herself and her late husband in his absence. In her confessional, Charlotte.E claimed to be emotional while wiping away no existant tears and remaining straight-faced.

Last on Alex's tour was Performance Coach; Charlotte.T in Worthing, who like Charlotte.E, chose not to introduce Alex to any of her friends. Charlotte.T decided to serenade Alex in an empty theatre, before he once again got overwhelmed with emotion when expressing his feeling towards her, while Charlotte.T still seemed less emotionally attached to The Bachelor.

Later, after some alone time, Alex and Charlotte.T headed to her parent's house for dinner, where Alex got to meet he Mum, Dad, and brother. After some quick-fire questions, Alex was able to get the seel of approval from the family and enjoy the rest of their evening, Charlotte.T and Alex even shared a kiss on the sofa before he had to leave.

'The Bachelor's' final three

Last night's pop-up Rose Ceremony took place in an Airport Hotel conference room, where the Final Four wanted to meet Alex and head to their next destination. However, in true Mark fashion, the host of "The Bachelor UK," dropped a bombshell on the women, telling them that only three of them would be heading to Antigua.

In an emotional Rose Ceremony, Alex chose not to take Robyn to their next destination.

Obviously, heartbroken Robyn simply said "Whatever," before storming out of the room without saying goodbye to anyone, even refusing to talk to Host; Mark. However, after a while, she was able to calm down and listen to what Alex had to say, though it fell on deaf ears.