Channel 5's "The Bachelor UK" kept us up to date by showing off the episode spoilers in the opening credits last night as it was revealed that it would be Reanne, 28, an actress who was given a red rose while business analyst Lilly, 24 was sent hope. Despite their efforts at a close-up, the result was clearly based on Reanne's outfit and Lilly's absence.

At a nautically themed restaurant after a day of snorkelling, host of the show Mark Wright entered with a 'Shock Twist,' that meant Alex would have to give a rose to the woman he felt the most connection to.

Whoever didn't get a rose would be sent home. After their goodbyes to Lilly, Alex and Reanne were able to have some time alone together.

Reanne, wanting to be honest with Alex also opened up about her previous marriage and subsequent divorce, but Alex seemed unphased by the revelation and accepted that it was part of her life. The pair's connection was confirmed by a kiss. However, in her confessional Reanne admitted that she was nervous to tell the other girls what had happened.

Creative cocktails

Reanne was right to feel nervous about telling the rest of the girls, who were openly negative in their reactions to her calling her a "minx" while model, Charlotte, 36 told her "I would never do that on a first date," as she also criticised her kissing Alex shortly after Lilly had left the competition.

Tara, 21 a barber and fellow Scots girl Frankie, 23 a make-up artist who had caused trouble with Alicia the night before also decided to take it upon themselves to make Reanne feel even more insecure about her kiss with Alex. Once again forgetting that the show is about finding love and not making friends they told her how wrong she was to do that to Lilly, reminding her once more that they "Would never do that."

At a cocktail bar in Cape Town, all the girls were invited to make a cocktail for The Bachelor with a taste that summed them up.

Alex would then judge the best cocktail and in lieu of a Rose Ceremony last night, the winner would be immune along with Reanne from the next Rose Ceremony instead.

Gabriella was selected by Alex as the winner and along with her red rose was also able to spend the rest of evening alone with Alex, on a one to one date.

Two women return

In a show that enjoys a good "shock twist," it was no surprise when Alex was whisked off alone to a private location where he was met by Natasha, 28 a surveyor and Faran, 35 a Pilates instructor who were kicked off the show by the rest of the girls in the first episode, before they had the chance to meet Alex.

"Surprised is 100% the word I would use," Alex told the camera before being able to spend time with both women before being asked by Mark if he would like to allow the girls to enter the luxury villa and enter the competition. Alex of course obliged.

When told about the news the girls acted cocky and confident as if they had superiority over the new single ladies, but when Natasha and Faran entered the room their faces dropped, clearly that they were intimidated and jealous. Some of the women having claimed in their confessionals that they had voted for Natasha and Faran because they were jealous of their looks.