Last night's "Dancing On Ice" was a spectacular as the 2019 Semi-Final saw the Celebrities fight to win a place in the final as they competed in two skates, a Judge's solo challenge and chose a song that meant most to them as individuals. Jason commented on the pressure of getting this far in the competition "It is the tiniest things now that could finally send you home."

The Judge's Challenge added even more pressure to the Celebrities, Christoper Dean telling Holly and Philip "There is nowhere to hide," as each Celebrity was tasked with a 45-second solo skate where they would be on the ice without the aid of their professional partners.

Solos and second skates

First, to dance last night was Saara and Hamish who performed to Katy Perry's "Hot N' Cold," as the attempted their first "Headbanger" of the series. The dance earnt them a 35/40 and received mixed feedback from the Judges, Jayne telling them "I wanted a little bit more from you," while Ashley told them "You have earned the title of Team No Fear"

The couple's second dance was to the song "Defying Gravity," from the musical "Wicked," a song that Saara chose herself as a song that she related most in her life. Her second dance was an improvement on her first earning the couple a near perfect score with 38/40 and much more positive feedback; "I did not expect that Saara" Ashely told her while Jason complimented "You defied the odds to deliver an amazing performance."

Next up were Wes and Vanessa who last week earnt the first 10's of the series.

This week they danced to "Breathe" by Jax James ft Ina Wroldsen in a performance that earnt them a 37.5/40. "Every single week you work hard, you push forward," Ashley told him and Chris agreed "I was impressed with the jumps and I like that you're challenging yourself."

However, their second dance to Wes' Parents wedding song "Never Too Much" by Luther Vandross was less impressive and they were awarded a lower score of 36/40 and received a more negative response from the Judges.

Chris telling him "I just didn't feel it had the heart. It was a technical dance" while Jason commented, "This should have been a 10 performance from you."

Third, to take to the ice was Brian and Alex who danced to Coldplay's "Fix You" which earnt them a reasonable 33.5/40 and positive comments from the Judges. "Now you can add Ice Dancer to your CV," Chris told him while Ashely told Brian, "I thought this challenge would be exposing for you, but you know what you held your own."

In their second dance to Brian's choice of "Then I Kissed Her" by The Beach Boys, the couple did even better and earned an even higher scored second time around with 36.5/40.

The Judges were once again impressed by Brian "I just love that you stayed in that character" Jayne told him while Jason continued the praise "This is you at your best when you are daft."

Last to perform was James and Alexandra who first performed to James Bay's "Hold Back The River" and were awarded a perfect score of 40/40 after James' Solo Skate caused the crowd to erupt in applause and cheers. The Judges were also impressed Jason wowed "James that was the most masterful solo skate that we've had" and Jayne telling him "I just felt like I was watching a professional out there."

Their second skate to "Do You Love Me?" famously from the Film "Dirty Dancing," also earnt them a second perfect score and a standing ovation, that included James' wife; Ola and Grandfather.

Jason simply told James "I love you" while Ashley who was lost for words after the performance told him "I can't really fault it."

James is golden

James Jordan's night was unblemished as he turned the "Dancing On Ice" studio gold after two perfect scores, not only putting him at the top of the leaderboard with an overall scored of 80/80 but also put him as top dog in his friendly rivalry against fellow skater Wes Nelson who had a overall score of 73.5/40.

However, the night was not as successful for Brian McFadden and Saara Aalto who both had to face the dreaded Skate-Off, a first-time challenge for Brian while Saara faced the Skate-Off for the third time. Just as it seemed as though it would be a tough decision for the Ice Panel, Brian and Alex took a tumble leaving the entire audience and viewers at home in shock.

As they awaited the results Brian and Alex looked obviously distressed as Holly and Philip repeatedly asked: "Are you okay?" While Ashley and Jason also seemed upset, based just on the Skate-Off itself the Ice Panel had no choice but to keep Saara and Hamish in the competition.