Sunday night's episode of "Dancing On Ice" saw the celebrities face the hardest Judges Challenge so far as they were tasked with a "Synchronised section side by side" that also had to include a "Double Twizzle." This is a move that Chris Dean admitted was a hard one to master saying he would be "Impressed" by any celebrity that managed both.

The pressure on the celebrities was intensified further as they performed to avoid being in the bottom three after a "Double Elimination" was announced shortly before last week's Skate Off.

Synchronised skating stars

First up to perform were Saara and Hamish who danced to Pink's "Trouble," in a jailhouse themed performance. The pair were awarded an impressive 30/40 despite showcasing a new trick called the "Blade Banger," which Jason described as "Swinging around zebra crossing." However, she did receive some positive feedback with Chris telling her "I love the performance quality."

Wes and Vanessa were second to take to the ice in a slow-paced dance to "Jealous" by Labrinth. The performance earnt the pair the highest score of the series with a near-perfect 38/40, with Ashley calling the dance "Breathtaking" while Jason called it "Masterful and controlled" after Wes managed to "Double Twizzle" and stay in sync with Vanessa.

Next dancing to "Hold My Girl" by George Ezra was Ryan and Brandee. In comparison to the other celebrities, the couple's score 24/40 was low, but it was Ryan's highest of the series. "Definitely better than last week," Jayne told Ryan. Jason also complimented the pair telling them, "I think you gave a very elegant performance."

Melody and Alexander performed next to "That's My Girl" by Fifth Harmony and earnt themselves a 31/40.

Ashley telling her "Melody you're a superstar," while Chris gave her some honest criticism telling her "When a little mistake happens it has a knock-on effect," to which all the judges agreed.

Fifth to take to the ice were Jane and Sylvian who performed to "Hallelujah I Love Her So" by Ray Charles but only earnt themselves a 25.5/40.

Jane received mixed critiques with Chris telling her "It looked like you were performing tonight" while Jason quipped "Up your game or risk staying plain Jane."

The penultimate pair were James and Alexandra who have taken first and second place throughout the competition. The pair danced to The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" in a "Peaky Blinders" themed performance and were awarded a 36/40. "That was an absolutely brilliant performance," Jayne told them while Jason critiqued his attempt at the Judges Challenge "You didn't get some of the marks or better than Wes because you bottled it"

Last to perform were Brian and Alex who took on Chuck Berry's "Never Can Tell" from the Film "Pulp Fiction," and were awarded a 28.5/40, his highest score of the series.

Although the performance lacked synchronicity Brian received positive feedback from the Judges, "That was your best performance so far" Jayne told him and Chris told him "It was Brian on ice... you're back."

Double elimination

Ryan and Brandee, Melody and Alexander and Jane and Sylvian were the unlucky couples as they each performed in Sunday night's Skate-Off. Unfortunately only one of the couples would make it through to next week's "Final Five" and the other two celebrities would be sent home. Sadly Ryan and Brandee and Jane and Sylvian's time in the competition were over.

After a strong six weeks of performances, Melody and Alexander found themselves in the bottom three Skate-Off after Melody let her nerves get the better of her. However, during her Skate-Off, Melody proved that she deserved a place in next week's show with a unanimous vote from the Ice Panel.