Sunday night's episode of "Dancing On Ice," saw the Celebrities face a historical themed event as they travelled back in time via the Dancing On Ice "Time Tunnel." Holly calling the night "A bit like Back To The Future except it's on ice and our time machine is a tunnel instead of a sports car."

As always the Celebrities were also faced with a "Judges Challenge" from the Ice Panel who this week gave them the freedom to be creative in the form of a "Freestyle Jump," the chosen jump would be judged on speed, height, distance covered and creativity.

Time Tunnel travel

First up to danced as they headed to the Prehistoric Era, was James and Alexandra who returned to the ice as Fred and Wilma Flinstone. As always James upped his game in a comedy-themed performance and earnt a 35.5/40 with positive comments from Ashley "I just really enjoyed it" and Chris "Now you're showing versatility."

All the way from Ancient Egypt; Melody and Alexander danced to The Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian," and also earnt themselves 35.5/40. As is typical, the couple received mixed reviews as Ashley took the role of harsh critic telling them "I could have stopped the track and changed it out for something else and it wouldn't have made a difference," Chris agreed when it came to "Musicality" but told the couple "You filled it full of difficult things."

Third up to perform were Queen Saara and Sir Hamish who performed to Queen's "Killer Queen" as they were transported back to Tudor times with a score of 32/40.

Saara received positive feedback for her performance "I do think that the finishes are much better" Jayne commented while Ashely told her "I thought you did a great job," however all the Judges agreed that her jump "Felt safe."

Elvis returned for one night only as Brian and Alex danced to "Suspicious Minds" by Elvis Presley and earnt themselves an impressive 33/40.

"I just love that each week you are improving," Jayne told Brian while Ashely also gave positive comments "Tonight is the skate that I enjoyed the most." Despite being coined the "Nasty Judge" Jason managed to throw in a joke "I thought you captured the last days of Elvis very well."

Last to perform on Sunday night was Wes and Vanessa who were transported back as Pirates, as they danced to Bruno Mars' "Treasure" and were awarded the first 10's of the series by Torvill and Dean and awarded with a 38.5/40.

The Ice Dancing Olympian's telling him "You put your heart and soul into that" while Jayne went on to say "You seem to be taking control of Vanessa and not the other way around."

Gladiator Skate Battle

After a high scoring night, the Celebrities also faced the first "Skate Battle" of the series as they all took to the ice at the same time in a head to head battle. Jason telling Holly and Phil "In your moment you have to shine and be so brilliant you blind us."

The Celebrities would be judged by the Ice Panel as a whole, with first place being awarded with five points while the last place would be awarded with just one point. After a Gladiator-themed group performance, it was revealed that James and Alexandra had won the Skate Battle while Saara and Hamish were left in last place.

Despite a well-fought battle, two Celebrities still had to face the dreaded Skate-Off, which saw the final female Celebrities in the competition; Melody and Saara. Another unanimous Ice Panel vote saw Saara and Hamish survive for one more week in the competition while Melody and Alexander were sadly sent home.