Last night "The Greatest Show On Ice," came to an end in the much-anticipated finale. James, Saara, Wes, and their Professional Partners all competing to be crowned the 2019 "Dancing On Ice" Champion. The three remaining Celebrities opened the show in a futuristically themed skate, alongside the Professionals, showing how hard they have worked to improve their skating skills.

But it was James Jordan and his partner; Alexandra Schauman who were crowned Champions after the public voted to put them in the first place. James received a lot of backlash in week one, with viewers of the show feeling that his background as a; Professional Dancer would give him an advantage but it was clear that Ice Dancing was a new skill for the Ballroom Dancer.

The Final Three

Just as they had in the Semi-Final, each Celebrity had to perform in two dances. First up were Wes and Vannessa who danced to "Pump It," by The Black Eyed Peas in a danced choreographed by Torvill and Dean themselves. Joined by some of the Professionals, Wes finally managed to earn himself a perfect score from the Ice Panel. Christopher Dean was telling the Love Island Star "You delivered everything we asked of you."

In their second dance, the couples were able to choose their favourite dance of the series to perform once more. Wes and Vanessa deciding to go back to their performance of Peter Pan and Wendy as they danced to "Rewrite The Stars" from the musical "The Greatest Showman." Wes once again earnt himself a perfect score of 40, with Jason and Jayne congratulating him having given him an 8 and an 8.5 when they first saw the performance.

Next was James and Alexandra, who in their Torvil and Dean choreographed dance performed to the "Argentine Tango." Chris, who gave him a 10 telling him "You did us proud," while Jason and Ashley both gave James a 9.5 unaware when they were watching the performance that he was suffering from a serious shoulder injury "This was a solid routine...

your spark wasn't there" Jason commented.

For their favourite dance, the couple decided to dance to "Do You Love Me?" from Dirty Dancing, a performance that had previously earnt James a perfect score in last week's show. James and Alexandra did not disappoint and once again were awarded all 10's, Chris telling them "I tried to press eleven," while Jason told him "It was magnificent.

I get caught up in you."

Last to show off, was the only lady remaining in the competition Saara Alto. Alongside her partner and new friend; Hamish and some of the Professional, Saara performed to Britney Spear's "Circus," and for the first time earnt all 10's from the Ice Panel. Ashley telling Saara and Hamish "That performance right there proves why you deserve to be in the final."

Their much loved Puppet-themed dance was brought back for one night only, as Saara and Hamish danced to "Puppet On A String" by Sandie Shaw and once again improved from their previous performance and earnt all 10's. Jason is telling the couple "I loved this routine when you did it... and one of the best routines of this series."

Best Bolero in show

After their final performances, it was time to announce who would come in third place, as the only finalist to have been in a Skate-Off it was no surprise when it was revealed that Saara had come in third place.

This left strong competitors from day one; Wes Nelson and James Jordan to dance for one last time in their own version of Torvill and Dean's "Bolero."

Wes and Vanessa performed well, taking out all of their big tricks and fast-paced skating that they have shown off throughout the weeks and performed a "Pure Skate," Jayne telling them "I just enjoyed the passion," while Ashley agreed, calling Wes a "Talented, inspiring, hard-working young man."

Their version of the "Bolero" was also slowed down and James and Alexandra focused on the passion of the performance which led to Chris telling them "Simply one of the best Bolero's we've had," while Jason also gave high praise telling them "You have mastered something as difficult as Ice Skating and turned it into Dancing On Ice."

In an emotional end to the show, it was announced that James and Alexandra were the Champions of "Dancing On Ice" 2019, leaving Wes and Vanessa in a well deserved and hard earned second place.