Last night's live show of "Dancing On Ice" saw the competition heat up. Many of the celebrities maintained their high scores in their fight to be on the top of the leader-board and to become the first celebrity to score a nine or a ten as their ice skating skills begin to improve.

Olympic Ice Dancers; Nick Buckland and Penny Coombs gave mesmerising performances last night as they showed off their skills as professionals and received a standing ovation from the packed arena.

Spins, Spirals and Salchows

First to take to the ice last night was James and Alexandra, who showed off their skating skills to Callum Scott's cover of "Dancing On My Own." Ever the high scorers the pair earnt themselves a 34/40 as the weekly fight for the top spot continued.

Jason complementing James, telling him "You are starting to feel every movement down to the fingertips."

Next to dance was Ryan and Brandee, who had faced last week's Skate Off. Last night their performance to "Baggy Trousers" by Madness earnt them a 22/40, after having to take time out of rehearsals due to Ryan's previous injury. Ashley congratulating him "Massive well done for that," while Jayne Torvill who understood why called the performance "Undereharsed and scrappy in places."

Jane and Sylvain scored a 22.5/40 with their performance to Rhianna's "Love On The Brain." However, all the Judges agreed that her "Lines" needed some work with Chris also telling her to "Skate a little bit more for herself." Ashley also gave her advice to work on telling Jane "All that emotion that I see in your face I need to see in your body."

Also fighting for a place at the top spot was Melody and Alexander, who once again scored highly with a 33/40 after their performance to "Somethin' Stupid" by Frank and Nancy Sinatra.

Although both Torvill and Dean agreed that the pair lacked a connection to the song, Ashley disagreed calling it "Fun, sweet and tongue and cheek." Jason was also complimentary "I love what you guys bring to this competition."

Despite an injury to his back and a rocky week of rehearsals, Brian and Alex still managed a great performance to "Believer" by Imagine Dragons that scored them a 24.5/40.

Chris telling him "Your basic skating is getting so much better," Jason agreeing "You're moving in the right direction.

But, after dropping Alex after the last lift of their performance Jayne told him "One lift to many I think, with your injury." Brian was not his usual sassy self Ashely noting "I can see that you're deflated."

Gemma and Matt took the ice next, performing to "I'm A Survivor" by Destiny's Child and scored a 15.5/40.

"I never know which Gemma I'm gonna get... but whichever one this was I loved it," Ashley told her and Janye told her that the performance was "Definitely better than last week." However, Jason who has been once of Gemma's biggest critics told her "I need more from you."

Bringing Salsa to the Ice Wes and Vanessa danced to "Despacito Remix" by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, which earnt them 33.5/40 and left Wes just a half point behind his rival James. Ashley telling Wes "You are so close to nines and tens" but agreed when Jason told the pair to "Strip it back and master something" after the judges felt that the dance contained too much content.

Last to dance was Saara and Hamish, who danced to Trevor Horn's "Dancing In The Dark," which gave them a chance at the top spot with 31/40.

Jason telling them "It was so poetic to watch the two off you" and all the judges agreeing that Saara's solo performance at the start of the performance was high quality.

Ryan vs Gemma

Ryan Sidebottom and Gemma Collins faced last night's Skate Off as the two lowest scorers of the night. However, after multiple weeks of failing to improve her skills, Gemma was eliminated. The Ice Panel unanimously decided to keep Ryan and Brandee, who despite Ryan's groin injury has worked hard to keep up with his fellow contestants.

Next week will see the first double elimination of the series, meaning that the celebrities and their professionals will have to up their skills even more in order to avoid leaving the competition.