Ever since it was released last July 11, 2013, “orange is the new black” has maintained its dominance throughout the years. Led by the uncanny storytelling of Jenji Kohan, OITNB is now considered as a “pop culture” icon. It was not widely received during its first 2 episodes, but eventually, viewers were able to cope up with what the show is all about. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end.

Release date

So when is the air date of the series finale? According to a recent post on Netflix, Season 7 will be aired in June/July this year.

This also means that there’s plenty of time for other fans to relive and review the past season so as not to be left out of the story. Also, there are still some grey lines that need closure. The life after prison for Piper is surely a must see, it will be the first time in recent years for Piper not to be on Alex’s side. Taylor Schilling, who plays the role of Piper was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter regarding her relationship with Alex (Laura Prepon). Schilling stated that regardless of them not being on the same side, she believes that their love will survive and even calling Alex “the love of her life”.

The fate of the Litchfield inmates

Also, season 6 was able to depict some of the biggest issues that are still hunting in America.

While Piper was granted an early release, her Litchfield-mates are still suffering from it. The scene where Taystee was wrongfully accused of committing murder not only lit a fire under the black community, but it opened a lot of eyes in the process. And how about the time when Blanca was hoodwinked and transported to the Immigration Detention Center?

There is a lot of the new cast on board, but fans are still positive that some of the original cast will make a cameo appearance. The cast has already provided a warning to the viewers that the season finale will be one for the ages.

Possible sequel in the making

Season 7 will be the series finale of the show as Lionsgate TV Group Chairman, Kevin Beggs has stated.

It was a difficult decision to make as the show is still on the top 10 list of most watch series on Netflix. However, they have already come to a conclusion about it and it is time to move on. Avid fans shouldn’t be upset about the decision that has been made as Beggs also talked about a possible sequel in the making. Kohan and Beggs have said if the timing is right, we might see a continuation of “Orange Is The New Black”