This week's theme for the Celebrities and their Professionals was Fairytales. The cast of "Disney On Ice" also made an appearance, including; Mickey and Minne, along with an array of "Disney Princesses."

Many of the Celebrities also faced a tough week, having to compete with injuries they had gotten during rehearsals, the scariest being Jane Dansen's fainting episode after practicing a "Detroiter" during a dress rehearsal. Wes also injured his knee during a rehearsal and Gemma returned to the Ice after a fall during last week's dance.

The "Judge's Challenge" this week included performing "A Stop, a Lunge, and a Pivot," that could be completed in any order to be successful in the challenge.

Fairytale on ice

First to dance were last week's high scorers Melody and Alexander, whose "Little Mermaid" themed dance to Emile Sande's "Breathing Underwater" earnt them a score of 31/40. Melody also received high praise from the Judges, both Jason and Chris Dean felt that the couple "Incorporated the challenge seamlessly" and Jayne Torvill told her that her performance was "Beautifully skated."

Second to take to the ice was Brian and Alex, who have brought an element of comedy to most of their performances and during their "Hansel and Gretel" themed dance to Bow Wow Wow's "I Want Candy" were no different. Awarded an impressive 25.5/40 the couple received a mix of comments Jayne telling Brian that the dance as his "Best so far" while Jason poetically told him "It's frantic, it's a mess.

Now I want finesse."

Saira and Mark were the third couple to take to the ice and danced to "The Perfect Year" by Dina Carroll in a Cinderella themed dance that earnt them 22/40. Jason nicknamed her "Sairaella" before telling her "I need you to step it up more," which all of the Judges agreed with, including Ashley who told her "You have to let go" after still relying heavily on Mark for support.

Wes and Vanessa performed as "Peter Pan" and "Wendy Darling" for their performance to The Greatest Showman's "Rewrite The Stars," and earnt one of the highest scores of the night with 34/40. Jason who was full of positivity last night told the couple "That's what I call reaching for the stars" while Jayne Torvill concurred with "The skating's got so much better."

Gemma and Matt returned with an "Evil Queen" styled performance to Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" after Gemma's fall on the ice last week.

It was clear that Gemma had lost her confidence after only receiving a 13.5/40 but was surprisingly agreeable with the Ice Panel's constructive but fair comments. Ashley supportively telling her "You're better coming out here falling, but putting everything in."

Sixth to take to the Ice was Jane and Sylvain, who was also struggling with her confidence after fainting during rehearsals. But the couple, who danced to Queen's "A Kind Of Magic," earnt themselves 23.5/40 and received positive comments from the Judges. Ashley telling her "I have so much respect for you... that takes so many guts." while Chris Dean told her "You completed them all and you completed them well," in respect of the "Judge's Challenge."

Next to perform were Saaira and Hamish, who have consistently impressed and last night earnt themselves a score of 33.5 with a hilarious "Pinnocio" themed dance to "Puppet On A String" by Sandie Shaw.

Just before stepping onto the ice Saaira had a fall and bumped her head "Knock your head every week, please" Jason joked after awarding her with a nine.

Ryan and Brandee returned this week after being unable to dance last week due to injury and earnt themselves a 22.5/40, their highest score of the series so far. The couple danced to "Giant" by Calvin Harris and Rag'n'Bone Man but received negative comments from the Judges "What I'm not seeing is consistency" Jason told them while Ashley told Ryan "The injury is still holding you back."

Last to take to the ice were James and Alexandra who performed a ballet styled dance to "Sleeping Beauty" themed and danced to an instrumental version "Once Upon A Dream." and jumped to the top of the leader board with a 36.5/40.

Jayne Torvill told the couple "It was like watching two professionals" while Jason who gave them a 9.5 called the dance "Sublime."

Second Skate Off

Sair and Mark faced they "Skate Off" once again since their first head to head against Richard and Carlotta in "Musicals Week." Last night the pair faced off against Ryan and Brandee who skated for the first time after being medically exempt from last week's show due to a torn muscle in Ryan's groin.

Once again the "Ice Panel" voted unanimously and decided to send Saira and Mark home after yet another week of relying heavily on her Professional Partner to hold her up, rather than showing off her solo skating skills like the rest of the Celebrities in the competition.