Rajinikanth is India's biggest and highest paid star who carries the tag of a superstar. His Film 2.0 is touted as a gigantic hit at the box office, but many do not take into account the cost of production of the film that was over Rs 570 (61.4million GBP) crores.

Considering the cost of producing the film which has made it the costliest film ever made, the returns have not commiserated with the investment. At Rs 570 crores (61.4 million GBP) it was the costliest film ever made in India. Times Now has reported that Rajinikanth may have agreed for a pay cut for his next film to be directed by Murugadoss.

This is not a piece of confirmed news but rumors are afoot in the Tamil film industry that Rajinikanth has taken a cut in his remuneration for his next film. The reason is obviously the relative failure of "2.0" with Akshay Kumar, the top Bollywood Star.

Costly film

The film 2.0 had special effects, and experts from Hollywood were hired, and this resulted in an escalation of cost. At one stage the producer was also considering to cast Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role opposite Rajinikanth. Arnold had agreed to do the role, but his remuneration and clash of dates were a limiting factor. The deal fell through and finally, Akshay Kumar agreed to act in the film. India Today has reported that speculations are rife that the superstar got paid about Rs 60 crores (6.4 million GBP) for "2.0."

Big heart

The forthcoming film will be made under the banner of Lyca Productions and according to India Today, the superstar has shown his big heart by taking a cut in his remuneration for his next film and the reason is the performance of "2.0" at the box-office.

Rajinikanth is basking in the success of "Petta" which even after 25 days is drawing crowds. After he came to know that though "2.0" had broken many records at the box office yet had not made the anticipated profit, he promptly agreed for a payout for his next film.

New film

The yet to be titled new film with Murugadoss is likely to go on the floor in March this year.

It's in the pre-production stage, and nothing much is known about the project and its storyline. Rajinikanth will however after the success of "Petta" which reinforced his superstar status, be hoping that this time the producer will be able to make a profit. In case the production cost is kept lower there is every chance that the film will be able to cash in on the charismatic appeal of the superstar.


Rajinikanth's entry into politics is also delayed and with elections just two months away; one can safely conclude that at the moment the superstar is more interested in his film career than politics.