"Little People, Big World " fans were treated to a lovely pic of Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff. Caryn, Matt's girlfriend's popular on Instagram so fans miss her when she takes a break. After a 10-day silence, Caryn came back with a glorious photo shot by Tori Roloff, Matt's daughter-in-law.

'Little People' returns in spring or early summer

The next new season of "Little People, Big World" returns in spring or early summer. However, an official date for the new series is not yet known. Matt Roloff, Amy, and Tori Roloff all mentioned spring as a potential release on TLC, according to Soap Dirt and TV Shows Ace.

Viewers in the UK may have to wait a bit, but in time, they do catch up. In the meantime, the stars of the show keep their fans content by interacting on social media. However, from time to time, they take a break from it.

Matt Roloff, on occasion, tells his followers that a social media break's in the offing. Mind you, his grandchildren make such perfect photo-shots, sometimes he breaks his self-imposed silence. Caryn, on the other hand, usually posts fairly regularly. Recently though, she stayed off her Instagram for 10 days. Now she's returned with a lovely photograph of her and Matt, and of course, Little Lucy.

Tori Roloff's lovely pic of Matt and Caryn Chandler

The photo that Caryn shared to "Little People, Big World" fans was taken by Tori, Zach Roloff's wife, and Matt's daughter-in-law.

Tori aimed at learning really good photography, and once she asked on Instagram where she could get some tips. Wherever she got them from, it certainly seems she's doing very well. The picture she "secretly" snapped of the Caryn and Matt looks stunning. Actually, these days, Tori runs another Instagram account called Toriroloffphotography.

In the photo below, Tori managed to capture a sweet scene of Caryn and Matt sitting outdoors. Matt's got his crutches and leans against a stump and Caryn's sitting on another. Her arm reaches up to hold Matt's shoulder. In front of them, the fields of the farm lie bathed in beautiful soft light. Little Lucy - now famous in her own right is there.

Matt's book "Little Lucy, Big Race," starred the beloved doggie.

Big beautiful world

These days, Matt Roloff smiles a lot. With Caryn in his life, he and Amy Roloff moved on after their divorce. Nowadays, Matt's grandchildren, Ember and Jackson fill his life with joy. Caryn and Matt are very close and often feature in photos full of smiles and fun. It certainly looks like it's a big, beautiful world for these two at the moment.

What do you think of the lovely pic Caryn Chandler shared when she broke her Instagram silence after 10 days? Do you think Tori Roloff's photo is stunning?

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