This week's "Dancing On Ice" saw all the celebrities compete in the same show for the first time, as each of them danced to a hit song from a well known Musical. Sunday also saw the return of the Judges Challenge which this week required the celebrities and their professionals to spin together for at least three rotations.

Last week saw Aussie Mark Little sent home after he failed to win the judges votes in his Skate Off against, Cricketer Ryan Sidebottom. On Sunday night the celebrities and their professionals stepped up their game as they tried to build on the criticism and advice from the Judges in previous weeks.

Musicals on ice

First to dance to "A Spoon Full Of Sugar" from "Mary Poppins" was Grease Star Didi and her partner Lukaz.

Although she had struggled to remember the steps in rehearsals, Didi managed a great performance on the main show earning herself a 16.5/40 from the Ice Panel, an improvement from last week.

Jason shocked Phillip and Holly as he complimented Didi, telling her, "You have improved," However, Chris made the point that "The spin fell short. It was only two revolutions."

Next to take to the ice were Jane and Sylvian, who danced to "I Dreamed A Dream" from the hit Musical "Les Miserables" which earnt them a score of 20/40. Ashley told her to "relax" after telling her, "I thought you did a great job." While Jayne noticed that there were "Stutters with some of the steps."

The third couple to take on the Judges Challenge were Richard and Carlotta who performed to "Beggin'" from "The Jersey Boys." The pair were given a final score of 18/40 from the Ice Panel.

All the Judges agreed that Richards "Hoppy Spin," lost him points as he attempted the Judge's Challenge.

Fourth to dance was Singer Saara and her partner Hamish, who danced to Saara's version of "Let It Go" from "Frozen," including a live performance from Saara as she danced. Afterwards, Ashley told her, "That was very very good," and Chris told her, "You look so comfortable out there." The impressive performance earned the couple a 26/40.

Brian and Alex showed off their skills in a "Bugsy Malone" style performance as they danced to "Fat Sam's Grand Slam," and earned a 22/40 from the Judges, despite almost dropping Alex "Brian, when you lift a Partner you've got to make sure she's landed before you let go," was the advice he received from Jayne.

Sixth up were Strictly's James Jordan and his partner Alexandra who once against earned a high score with 27/40, although this was a drop from their score in week one.

They danced to "The Phantom Of The Opera" from the Musical of the same name. Dean joked with James sayng, "Its slippy stuff out there isn't it," after James stumbled at the end of the performance.

Saira and Mark were next to take to the ice as they performed to "I'd Do Anything" from the Musical "Oliver!" that earnt them an 18.5/40. However, Ashley told the couple "It felt a little bit like Mark was moving you around on the ice." Jason agreed with his fellow Judge telling them "You''re not doing enough on your own."

Wes and Vanessa were the ninth couple to perform as they danced to "You Can't Stop The Beat" from "Hairspray." The performance earned them the highest score of the night with a 29.5/40 with Jayne telling them "I thought it was brilliant" and Jason telling Wes "It exploded off the ice...don't go below this."

Tenth to dance was Gemma and her partner Matt, who earned the lowest score of the night with a 13/40 after dancing to "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend" by Marilyn Monroe.

Gemma also received negative comments from the Ice Panel after a tough week with the media and failure to attended rehearsals, Ashley telling her "There wasn't enough skating in that performance" while Jayne told her "The dance was very under-rehearsed."

Last to perform on Sunday night was Melody and Alexander who's performance to "Happy To Be In America" from the hit Musical "West Side Story" earned them 20/40. The Judges were supportive with Melody who has struggled with her confidence. Chris telling her to, "calm the nerves," while Jason told her, "what a shame because you started so well," after she allowed a few stumbles to get to her.

Judges Challenge

Sunday night's challenge came easily to some while others found it hard including; Didi, Gemma, and Richard who struggled with their spins.

Highest scorer of the night, Wes, tackled one of the most difficult spins as he and partner Vanessa held each other's ankle during their rotations.

Despite having the lowest score of the night by quite a significant margin, Gemma managed to keep her place in the competition and it was Richard and Carlotta and Saira and Mark who faced the night's Skate Off.

Both couples performed well but it the end it was Richard and his partner Carlotta who left the competition. Head Judge; Jayne Torvill's vote was the decider after Richard received votes from Ashley and Jason while Chris Dean gave his vote to Saira as did Jayne.