"First Time Mum", Ferne McCann has never been one to shy away when it comes to the truth, whether it be admitting she had a nose job or being candid about life as a single Mum as she balances work, dating and baby Sunday.

The first time mum also took time out of her busy schedule and took a rare trip to the local park, close to Ferne's flat, saying "I do need to spend valuable time just me and her because she thrives off of that." Like many working single mums, Ferne expressed that she often had "Mum Guilt" when it came to balancing her life.

Back in the game with 'First Time Mum'

After being snapped by paparazzi holding hands with "Love Island's" Charlie Brake, Ferne finally decided that she was ready to get back in the dating game after two years of celibacy. At the end of last week's episode, she admitted that nothing had happened between her and Charlie, but that did not mean that he wasn't on her radar.

The pair met up once again at the Okay Beauty Awards where they were coincidentally sat next to each other, although, Ferne questioned if he had swapped the place names before she arrived. Despite showing interest in Ferne, Charlie spent much of the night chatting about cars with "TOWIE'S" Mario Falcone.

However, Charlie did manage to use his charms to ask Ferne out on a date, to which she agreed.

At a sportswear photoshoot, Ferne discussed her leap back into the dating game with Make-Up Artist and friend, Mikey who told her, "You can't get fit Ferne, and then stay in the house and drink tea".

But Charlie was not the only one to show an interest in Ferne. An old flame and "TOWIE" star, Liam 'Gatsby' joined Ferne for a bit of flirty househunting as Ferne began looking for a new home for her and Sunday that would give Sunday more freedom now that she was close to walking.

'Gatsby' then also asked Ferne on a date, despite their first date; a ride in a helicopter almost four years ago. Ferne agreed to a second date, telling the camera, "What have I got to lose?"

Poorly Sunday

Since turning one, Sunday had become "All out of sorts", leaving mum Ferne confused about how to help her, telling the camera, "It's all a guessing game isn't it?" Ferne listed all the possible issues it could be including sleep regression, teething, upset tummy or simply a full moon.

Unfortunately, after a visit to the doctors, Ferne discovered that Sunday had conjunctivitis and with her own mum Gill on holiday in Australia it was up to Ferne to give Sunday her eye drops without any help. Once again, the single mum was open about her struggles, admitting that she needed help and even bringing someone in to help her organise.

The episode had a happy ending as on overjoyed Ferne watched baby Sunday begin to take her first steps. Ferne clapped and cheered for her daughter as she unsteadily stood to her feet without aid and took the first steps towards being a toddler.