"Dancing on Ice" saw Gemma Collins booted about a week ago. Metro UK reported that after she left the show, viewer ratings plummeted. Nevertheless, she's getting on with her life and enjoying it. She took to her Instagram to share about her weight loss and her philosophy on life.

Gemma Collins gets on with post-'Dancing on Ice' life

In her short video on Instagram, Gemma wiggled the top party of her body around, totally not caring what anyone thinks. In fact, she then captioned it by writing, "Stop wishing for other people’s bodies. Find peace in your own." She added that people should eat food and reminded them to "stay active." However, she mentioned "real food," not junk.

Going further, Gamma said that people should just "forget" all the nonsense that goes with dieting. " It's really just that... NONSENSE," she added.

People reacted to her post and not all of them agreed with the "Dancing on Ice" star. However, most of them were positive. Here's what some of her fans had to say to Gemma:

  • Daisy: "That’s such good advice, I’ve tried every diet under the sun, starved myself and tortured myself every day for years because I’m not a skinny Instagram model. Posts like this really make me feel better. Thank you, GC."
  • Clark': "Exactly. It's what you eat and when you eat, not really how much you eat. An active lifestyle is compatible with any and all hunger cravings."

Some fans of Gemma disagree about diet

As you can imagine, many people love Gemma for her "Dancing on Ice" efforts and her weight-loss but disagree with just being happy-go-lucky about diets and health.

In fact, some of them were also a bit upset with Gemma wiggling her boobs around in the video. They also had their say as you can see from some of the extracts below:

  • ETid: "And die of heart attack in the procession @gemmacollins1 ."
  • Jem: "Body positivity is great but we need to realise healthy is best."
  • Kc: "That’s hypocritical Gemma ... how many times have you been on a diet? [Too] many to count .. if your honest you would love to be smaller .. I know I would too. xx"
  • Ikeel: "Ain’t ya lost whatever stone from dieting tho? N u look unreal so why make out it’s nonsense ?!?!?!"
  • Sam: "I mean this SCREAMS good vibes! But also screams bad cholesterol and a heart attack I just want to eat crisps forever! Can I give up dieting plz "

Mind you, Gemma's been on a bit of a mission lately about just being you, as you can see from this Instagram post a few days back.

Weight-loss and diet routine

What do you think of Gemma telling people that dieting is nonsense? Do you think just eating and being you is the answer to a healthy lifestyle?

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