The Campmates have been in the Jungle for 20 days, and with only five of them left, the chance of being crowned King or Queen of the Jungle is increasing as a new Campmate leaves camp each day.

They have already received Care Packages and Letters from Home, but there was one thing that each Campmates still missed...their loved ones. It was another emotional episode as Campmates were surprised to find someone they love waiting for them in the Jungle. Not only did the surprise bring Campamtes and viewers to tears, but Holly was also emotional after watching the reunions for a second time.

The Rep-Viles

Before the surprise reunions there were stars to be won, and this time it was Harry who put himself forward to give the Bushtucker Trial a go. Since his time is the Jungle, Harry has not acted like the stereotypical 71-year old, Grandad and been ready and willing to take on any of the challenges presented to him. In some cases, this has just meant giving the exotic meat presented to them at dinner a taste.

As Harry crawled through a series of perspex tunnels, he was joined by Lizards, Jungle Pythons, Crocodiles, Perentie, and Carpet Pythons. Of course, being Harry Redknapp, he brought an element of unintentional humour to the trial as he repeatedly told the Crocodiles "I'm friendly."

He had just ten minutes to collect five stars for his Campmates.

To gain the stars he first had to put in hand in a hole in the wall to retrieve a magnet, then he had to connect the magnet to the star, and guide it along the side of the perspex until it fell off the end, where he could pick it up and put it in his bag.

Harry struggled to connect the first magnet to the stars, and Dec and Holly joked amongst themselves about this should be the easy part before Dec made the point "I don't think it is, but bearing in mind he is Mr Pasty." But Harry managed to get the hang of it quickly and won all five stars for his Campmates.

He entered Croc Creek quietly after noticing most of his fellow Campmates were resting, but noticing Fleur sitting by the fire he whispered "Flair," from behind the homemade washing line, giving her a slight shock. Harry began to tell Fleur about the Trial, and eventually his other Campmates woke up, but the retired Football Manager was humble in revealing he got a full house.

Family Reunions

Emily broke down when she saw her Mum, Fleur was excited to see her Sister and James was shocked when saw his Girlfriend in the Jungle, but the most anticipated reunion of all was Harry and Sandra's.

Harry has constantly talked about his wife of 51 years, and the nation has fallen in love with their story, from its humble beginnings at "The Two Puddings," to its current day where the pair are still head over heels in love with each other. Harry who has not been one to show his emotions, was lost for words after being reunited with Sandra.

Even Holly broke down as Dec told viewers "That's the second time she's seen it. Fans of the show quickly saw how well they got along as Sandra and Harry got together to do "The Floss", around the campfire along with everyone else.

Some fans wondered if Harry would let Sandra go again after he told her "You're staying here with me. You're coming in my hammock."

Another couple that set some relationship goals were John and his partner of 25 years Scott, who he married in 2013 after having been in a Civil Partnership since 2006. John instantly noticed how good Scott smelt, before lifting his top so that his husband could sniff his foul-smelling armpit.

James has gone

James became the seventh Campmate to leave the 2018 Celebrity Jungle. The Vamps Guitarist managed almost three weeks in the Jungle and has been one of the quieter Campmates of the series with big personalities such as; John, Emily and Fleur being known for the louder more flamboyant personalities.