Candidates were in the Christmas spirit in this week's episode, starting with a surprise, 8 AM at their house, from Lord Sugar. Amusingly, Camilla Ainsworth, a Nut Milk Brand Owner answered the door to Lord Sugar in a unicorn onesie "I just answered the door dressed as a Unicorn," she told her fellow Candidates.

Lord Sugar added to the festivities as he welcomed the pyjama dressed Candidates into their newly decorated living room "Well as you can see my Elves have been very busy overnight," decked out with Christmas Trees, Lights, Presents and Christmas Stockings, among other things Christmassy.

But the decorations had a meaning as Lord Sugar informed Candidates of this week's task; "Your task this week is to produce a range of chocolates for the Christmas Market," this was not the first food-themed task, and some viewers wondered if the Candidates had learnt their lesson on the do's and don'ts of the food industry.

After last week's double firing the Candidates were more determined to prove themselves. Survival this week would also earn Candidates a place in the Final Five, and get them through to the much-loved Interview Phase of "The Apprentice," process.

Christmas Chocolates

Lord Sugar once again mixed up the teams, sending Tennis Events Company Owner, Sabrina Stocker and Swimsuit Designer Sian Gabbidon to Team Collaborative to join Eco Cleaner, Kadjia Kaliffa while Camilla moved over to Team Typhoon with Daniel Elahi, a Lifestyle Brand Owner and Solicitor, Sarah Ann Magson.

Team Typhoon, lead by Camilla chose to take the approach of "A cheeky chocolate brand" which the team named "Santa's Choco Seduction," and the brand quickly became less cheeky and more seedy. One of the Market Retailers even referred to their packaging as "Sexist," as it portrayed a cartoon woman dressed as a "Sexy Santa."

But, the branding was not Team Typhoon's only mistake and despite Sarah Ann's false claims that the feedback on the taste was "100% positive," the chocolates the produced were called "Bland" by Market Experts.

On Team Collaborative, headed by Sabrina a "High-end, luxury product," was what they hoped to produce. But, much like the opposing team the branding for "Remoir Chocolat" felt short after Market Experts did not think that it fitted into the luxury chocolate range.

However, they were more successful when it came to the chocolate flavours chosen by Kadija that included; Mince Pie and Cinnamon, Chestnuts and Rasberry Bits and Choco Nibs and Cranberries.

Despite Kadija's efforts to follow Sabrina's brief and come up with Christmas themed flavours, PM Sabrina still felt that there were no "Out there flavours," though she never clarified what she meant by this.

The final five

After Team Typhoon's dismal loss, all three Candidates were brought back to The Boardroom to face Lord Sugar, but it was Sarah Ann who on many of the tasks have flown under the radar that faced Lord Sugar's Finger and heard the words "You're Fired."

However, Camilla was only allowed back to the house by the skin of her teeth after a dressing down from Lord Sugar "Why the hell did you put her in making the chocolates?", after putting herself on the branding side of things and leaving Sarah Ann to make the chocolates, despite Camilla's experience in producing Nut Milk products.

Lord Sugar's tough interview process has whittled down sixteen Candidates to just five. Next week the candidates face the toughest task of the series "The Interviews," a task that makes even the best of Candidates sweat as they participate in face to face interviews with Lord Sugar most trusted allies, who delve deep into the Final Five's business past and plans to find the right Business Partner for Lord Sugar.