Ten campmates entered the Jungle twenty-one days ago, another entered on day five and now there are only four campmates left. John, Fleur, Emily and Harry have all managed to survive to become this year's Final Four.

As all long-term fans of the show know, the Final Four can mean only one thing, it's time for the Celebrity Cyclone. The biggest, most expensive Trial of the series, that many viewers of the show consider the best Trial that I'm a Celeb has to offer. Of course, like all their predecessors the campmates were given their coloured capes and matching pants.

Celebrity Cyclone

The Celebrity Cyclone is not just enjoyed by fans watching at home, but also by the celebrities themselves and this year for the first time Holly Willougby had a front row seat to all the action.

The only Trial to not include Jungle Critters, the Celebrity Cyclone instead soaks campmates with water, soap, coloured dust paint as well as throwing a multitude of exercise balls at them. Emily who has become known in the camp for being clumsy felt the full force of one exercise ball as she attempted to keep her star in its place.

Due to his injury, John was unable to take part in the Cyclone in the traditional way, instead I'm a Celeb adapted the Trial to give John a special role and he absolutely loved it.

As he wasn't able to carry the stars John was instead tasked with throwing the stars to Harry, Emily and Fleur. The height of the stars was also changed to ensure the campmates were still challenged.

Just as each campmate lands on their corresponding star the Celebrity Cyclone strikes, and this year Fleur, Emily and Harry were pushed back down the hill by a barrage of exercise balls, and soapy water.

The trio took more than half their time to get into position and the campmates were determined to be quicker on their second go, proved by Fleur as she dragged Harry by the collar to the first star.

Fans, Dec and Holly and The Final Four were all happy when the campmates beat the Celebrity Cyclone and returned to the show's hosts.

They were congratulated and sent back to Croc Creek for the annual "Find the choc ice's before they melt" competition.

While Fleur quickly found hers and saved it, Emily who was next to find one took a break to eat hers rather than help the others look. Harry and John went off together and while John helped to save a rat from the bath, Harry found the third ice cream and after consuming hers Emily went back to searching and found one for John.

Jungle Musical

This year's campmates have been all singing and dancing, so spending their final night as a Quartet could only be celebrated with a Jungle Musical, written and performed by the campmates. John, of course, took centre stage, while Emily and Fleur performed as his backup dancers and Harry announced the performance for the Camp Throne.

Final three

Harry Redknapp, 71, Camp Comedian and head over heels in love with his wife Sandra. Harry has remained positive throughout his time in the Jungle and befriended all of his fellow campmates. Every meal in camp has been like a Bushtucker Trial to Harry as he gets a taste of all the exotic meats the Australian Jungle has to offer.

Emily Atack, 28, Camp Impressionist and the only girl left in the Jungle. Emily has been on a journey throughout her Jungle experience and learnt to love herself without make-up. She has woken up happy and positive every day willing to take on any Bushtucker Trial, help out with cooking or work on her dancing skills.

John Barrowman, 51, Camp Musical Mystro and the only campmate sporting a surgical boot to match his Jungle attire. John's flamboyant and fabulous personality has never failed to raise a smile and a giggle from his fellow campmates who are always eager to join in the musical that is John's life.