The 2018 Jungle Campmates entered the Jungle as ten, then became eleven and now then they were down to just three; Harry Redknapp, Emily Atack, and John Barrowman. It was the Campmates final day in Croc Creek, and after three weeks cut off from the outside world, a winner would soon be chosen, and the Campmates released back into the outside world.

But before they could get out, the Campmates still have a few more experiences to check off of their Jungle Bucketlist. After Fleur's departure, the night before the reality that one of them would become Jungle Royalty was more real than ever.

Trials for treats

Each of the remaining Campmates faced one more solo Trial before their time in the Jungle ended, winning the maximum stars in their Bushtucker Trial meant an extra course and drink of their choice at the night's last meal.

First up was Emily who took on "Fill Your Face," a chance to face her biggest fears, Jungle Critters. This Trial required Emily to stand with a large fishbowl on her head that would be filled with the usual critters and creatures throughout five-minutes including; Yabby's, Burrowing Cockroaches and Scorpians.

In true Emily style, she made light of the situation despite her fear and pulled funny faces to Dec and Holly. But as the Critters were poured in the fear took over.

Dec also got a shock in this Trial after Emily fishbowl was opened and the Critters released as she became to scream in fear, hilariously joined by Holly who nearly ran offset screaming while Dec looked at the camera bewildered and said: "Someone help me."

Next, it was John's turn to take on "Bushtucker Bananza," while not something John feared it was certainly one to disgust and test him.

Not like a typical eating Trial, John was given a choice of two dishes; one would be a "Jungle Delicacy," while the other was a favourite meal from the outside.

But, John was not swayed as he refused all of his favourite meals, sniffing them before he rejected them and as Emily had done won all five stars. After he rejected an "Apple Spritz," Holly told the Ranger "And you can take that straight to my dressing room."

Last to do his Trial was Harry, who after the successes of his fellow Campmates was also determined to win all five of his stars in "Danger Down Under." After hearing about his Trial, Harry told Dec and Holly "When you get to my age that don't look great," as he pointed to the underground box he was about to lay in.

Not wanting to be defeated Harry took on his biggest fear, Rats. He bravely lay for five minutes, with his eyes closed as Rats and Cockroaches joined him. The Trial became like a horror Film as the Rats entered the chamber and Holly whispered "Here they come," both hosts afraid to tell Harry what was joining him.

After the Trial Harry seemed visibly shaken and had to be reminded to stand still as "Medic Bob," came onto the scene to remove a Cockroach that had crawled into Harry's ear at the beginning of the Trial. Harry was congratulated and sent back to camp by Dec and a teary-eyed Holly.

King Harry

Unsurprisingly Harry was crowned the 2018 "King of The Jungle," breaking a three-year streak of Jungle Queens; Vicky Pattinson, Scarlett Moffatt and Georgia Toffolo, his predecessor.

In second place was Emily Atack who was happy for Harry's new royal status telling Dec and Holly "I can still be the Princess."

Harry was a shoo-in for King from the moment he stepped onto our screens and told the other members of the "Red Team," that he had once run over his beloved Wife, Sandra. His genuine and hilarious stories made Harry a favourite not only with the nation but also with his fellow Campmates and Dec and Holly.