Many fans of The Apprentice consider The Interviews as the highlight of the series. By this point in the process, we have seen the Candidates fall or fly in a series of tasks, where they work alongside their fellow Candidates and often rely on the blame-game to get them through the process.

But in The Interviews, the Candidates face Lord Sugar's most trusted allies, including Claude Littner, one on one and have no one but themselves to help get them through. As is a tradition the Candidates were given time to prepare their business plans, before handing them in to be scrutinised.

The Interviews

The Candidates were understandably nervous as they sat in the lobby waiting to be called for their interviews, but for Camilla Ainsworth and Daniel Elahi, the nerves brought us two hilarious moments both involving Claude. First up was Camilla who entered Claude's interview room with a "Yoohoo," to which Claude's only response was a disappointed "Yoohoo?"

Next was Daniel, the only boy left in the process who told his fellow Candidates "I'm going to shake his hand," as he left to have his interview with Claude. But to the surprise of only Daniel, Claud simply stared at Daniel's outstretched hand and told him "Sit down." Since taking over from Nick Hewer, Claude has become fan favourite with his no-nonsense responses and permanently disappointed look.

Kadjia Kaliffa also earnt herself a spot on the best moments of the series as she began to shout at Linda Plant, an outspoken fashion designer who gave back as good as she got. Previously in the series, Lord Sugar had compared Kadija to "Kim Jong-un," which she took as a compliment despite not knowing who he was.

There were also tears in this year's interview process, as Kadija broke down as she opened up to Claudine Collins about her reasons for being in the process and what it would mean to her to win.

Meanwhile, Sian Gabbidon was brought to tears by fellow Leeds girl Linda Plant, who told her "You can build a brand living in Leeds," which overwhelmed Sian, especially coming from a woman in the fashion design industry.

Triple firing

It was no surprise to longtime fans of The Apprentice that The Final Five would quickly become the Final Two as the Candidates faced, what for three of them would be their final boardroom.

The Candidates were once again left nervous and waiting as the interviewers visited Lord Sugar, Karen Brady and Claude Littner in The Boardroom, while the Candidates sat outside.

Unlike most boardrooms, this one was not as intense as it appeared that Lord Sugar had made up his mind, although he still let each Candidate have one last chance to try and sway him. Sabrina Stocker was first to lose her place after her habitual cancellations in her current business put Lord Sugar off.

Kadija's unobtainable upscaling of her business was enough to get her fired as Lord Sugar and his associates were unable to visualise Kadija's business plan in the same way that she did. Last to lose a place in the final was only boy Daniel, who's hangover recovery drink led Lord Sugar to fire him, as he did not want to be seen as an advocate for excessive drinking.

Camilla Ainsworth, a Nut Milk Brand Owner, and Sian Gabbidon, a Swimwear Designer became The Final Two and were now in a head to head battle to win Lord Sugars £250,000 investment.